Online Assessment Trends
Online Assessment Trends

“Admission process is important activity to select suitable and talented students for any education institute or university. Admission process starts with inviting applications for the courses. This process can be conducted online to simplify process for the applicants. In the latest trends, most of the institutes have started conducting entrance exam apart from taking into consideration of academic performance of the qualifying examination...”

“Admission process of any education institute involves accepting admission form with all essential information of the applicant. Data of personal information, address, education qualification, parents information, reservation related information, category etc is collected to analyze eligibility of the applicant for the admission process. Online Admission System can provide all the data for individual applicant as well as collective data of all applicants Following information can provide additional analytics about admission process”

“Internet penetration in India is enabling things for improvement in examination process. Many educational institutes have started using Online Assessment Platform ( to conduct examination. Online Assessment process brings automation to overall examination process and result processing becomes easy, manual errors also get reduced drastically.”

“Online Admission System like can automate entire form filling and form fee payment process. Student can visit portal and register by entering all information and proceed to make form fee payment. In case of lengthy forms, incomplete form can be kept in draft mode and can be filled by login to the system.”

“The Online Admission platform should be able to facilitate uploading of online documents / soft copies of certificates those are required as a part of the requisite documents to grant admission to a candidate. Making payments towards the form fee / application fees should be completely electronic even the payment receipts should be electronically available. That will help the Digital India to experience the convenience. Most importantly, throughout the whole process SMS & E-mails should notify the candidates of their passwords, payments, submission status of the forms etc.”

“Twitter posts are unlike those in Facebook where your updates can go up in other people’s newsfeeds even if they were posted several weeks or months ago. With many new Twitter updates posted in just an hour, your own messages can drown and get lost. Thus, unlike in Facebook, you can schedule your Twitter posts on timely or important updates several times in a day — perhaps at most 3 times. You don’t have to go online each time though. There are websites and software that allow you to conveniently schedule your posts in advance.”

“Education is key to help live a life that’s flourishing in all circles. Do you have your eyes on a next-gen Smartphone that’s soon going to launch? Oh, are you a star at social gatherings? Are you mostly appreciated for the intellect and smarts in you? Guess what? Education is at the core of all things. It’s not only about gathering knowledge. Education grooms you to be a part of the society…… a big part indeed! From sharpening your intellect to boosting your confidence, education plays a key role.”

“Facebook has more than 1 billion active users every month; imagine this pool of people dynamically engaging on the world’s top social media platform. It’s no wonder, Facebook is significant and influential tool to reach to an audience, share news, and even shape and influence ideas and perceptions. This is shown on how each brand and organization have their own Facebook pages and accounts.Facebook Marketing for Education Institute”