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Tips to manage academic entrance exam registration and online remote proctored secure exam effectively with best practices. Student selection during the admission process is one of the key tasks for the education institutes and universities.

Collecting student applications, issuing exam hall tickets, managing online entrance exam process and result processing are some of the key tasks to be managed.

Technology like remote proctoring is useful in current era of social distancing which can help you to conduct entrance exams for remote candidates.

Explore steps to conduct viva or oral exams of candidates online using simple techniques provided by the Eklavvya platform. Are you looking for simple ways to conduct viva online? Do you want to conduct oral exams for your students remotely? In the current era of social distancing management of academic exams is becoming a challenging task.

Eklavvya platform has been used by many educational institutes and universities to conduct proctored exams remotely. We have recently launched a feature where you can conduct viva online. Students can appear for the viva using a desktop/ laptop or even a mobile phone. For details visit 

Eklavvya platform provides you the option to conduct online exams on a mobile phone of the student. While the student is attempting an online exam on a mobile phone, the camera of the phone continuously streams activity / face of the user to exam proctor.

Exam proctor can ensure that candidate is not using any means or taking help from books, notebooks, or talking to another person while the exam is happening. We are conducting many such exams for various educational institutes across the world.

AI-Powered Remote proctoring is the need for the hour in the current era of social distancing to manage secure online exams. Remote Proctoring based Online Exams could be the most prominent solution to all the exam process-related problems of educational system.

Conducting exams during this pandemic around is becoming very very difficult. As an educational institute, one needs to ensure that the exam process is conducted under a secured and monitored environment. With the help of various proctoring mechanisms such as video-based proctoring, image-based proctoring and audio-based proctoring; an end to end security for examination process can be assured. For details visit 

Explore 6 ways to secure your online exam using technology like proctoring, secure browser, audit logging process. Remote proctoring is considered as one of the most essential techniques to secure online exams. End to end video proctoring can ensure top-notch security while conducting online exams. With Video proctored Online Exams, the overall exam activity undergoes end-to-end video surveillance; which ultimately leaves the candidate appearing for the exam with zero chances to cheat. Details

Long queues or chaos is quite a common scenario during the admission cycle. Online Admission System cuts down a lot of costs as well as man-power involvement with the help of technology.

Centralized Admission Process brings everything relevant to the Admission process to your finger-tips. Instead of wandering all around the town and visiting colleges to fill up Admission Forms, Online Admission System allows you to apply for the institutes that suits your choice.

Get to know what all are the advantages of the Online Examination System over the Traditional Examination System.  Exam automation or Online Examination Management has introduced automation to many Institutes and universities.

Explore top challenges during online exam process implementation and effective ways to overcome them with the help of technology.

An online examination process might be hard to manage due to the involvement of some critical steps. Online Exam Implementation is a relatively new practice to exercise, the faults and errors are inevitable.

This video discusses the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Education Sector and how Education Technology or EdTech can benefit from it.

Right from E-commerce to healthcare to education, in each and every sector the, intervention of AI has increased by multi fold. Many companies are now investing in developing their own version of AI and Machine learning. So, what exactly is AI and why it is called as the next big thing?

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Explore this video to know how moderation, answer sheet re checking can be simplified using onscreen evaluation system implementation.

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Effective way to use chatbot for lead generation and admission process simplification of education institute / university.

Chatbot is a program which is artificial intelligently driven which analyses inquiries or any kind of query entered by the website visitor in a live chat tool box. So imagine you have an educational institution and you have your own website and particular prospective students visit your website and that student is asking about prospectus associated with a particular course.

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How many times have you heard about question paper leakage prior to the start of the examination activity?

Question paper generation and distribution across examination centres is a herculean task that need to be managed by educational institution or university. Technology can help you to simplify that question paper generation as well as a delivery in a secure manner.

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Tips to automate Entrance Examination Management of Education Institute.

Explore key steps to automate and simplify entrance examination management using technology.

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Success Story of Remote Proctoring for Online Examination Implementation.

Do you conduct online exams across multiple cities or multiple locations? Here is successful case study about implementation or simplification of online examination across multiple locations using remote proctoring .

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Explore steps and strategy to conduct Online Mock Exams along with Test Series to Prepare students for competitive exams with online mock tests.

You can easily define online question bank. After having online question bank you can define exam pattern for various mock exams based on particular topic, subject.

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Explore 5 key mistakes you should avoid while implementing online admission system for education institute or university. Admission system is key trust factor for prospective students. If admission system is not executed in professional manner then you might face issues related to satisfaction of students, parents. It could also affect brand image of the institution.

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Explore 5 key tips to prevent cheating during online exam implementation.

Are you considering implementation of online examination process for your education institute or university ?

Security is one of the key aspect need to be taken care. Your online exam implementation may fail due to cheating unless key security aspect is not taken into consideration.

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This video explains 5 key mistakes you should be avoiding in order to successfully implement onscreen evaluation system for education institute or university.

Onscreen evaluation system is large scale implementation where it would impact its stakeholders like moderators, examiners , registrar, students.If you avoid those key mistakes mentioned in video then you would succeed in onscreen evaluation process.

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Checkout how to manage centralized admission process for university or education institute. Are you looking to automate admission process for your university ?

Do you want to reduce admission cycle to make life of colleges and students better ? Here is our solution for you.

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This video explains 5 key tips to attract students for your admission process using various techniques including video based marketing, social media, digital admission process, Alumna connect and engagement strategies.

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Explore some of the advantages of Onscreen Evaluation System to help simplification of answer sheet evaluation and result processing for the education institute or university.

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Are you looking to implement online examination process ?

Do you want to know how to make online exams secure. This video would help you to understand top 4 ways to secure your online exam process.

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This video would explain why you should opt for Proctored Exam System while conducting online exam process. Explore advantages and best practices of managing online exam with remote proctoring technology.

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Explore some of the key advantages of conducting online exam with remote proctoring approach.

It can provide many benefits including saving of cost for exam center infrastructure, saving of logistical , administrative activity of physical exam invigilation process, reduction in exam malpractices , simplification of online exam process.

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Explore 5 key mistakes you should avoid in order to have secure, successful online examination process.

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