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AI Question Paper Generator in Few Minutes

Manual question paper generation is a tedious task, requiring a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail. The process involves going through a vast collection of questions, sorting them by subject and topic, determining their level of difficulty, and deciding on a suitable distribution of marks.

With the advent of AI technology, this task has become much easier and more efficient. AI tool designed specifically for generating question papers; provides a streamlined and automated solution for this process.

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DocuExprt: AI-Driven Technology To Auto-Read Documents.

Document scrutiny is a critical task, especially for authorities handling millions of applications for entrance exams, admission processes, and other government or private job applications.

Currently, authorities are responsible for verifying a range of documents, including Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, Category Certificates, Ration Card, Academic certificates, leaving certificates, birth certificates, land documents, house registration documents, and more.

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DocuExprt: AI-Driven Technology To Auto-Read Documents.

How web 3.0 is going to change education in 2023

As everyone started adopting online learning and EdTech tools to enhance learning we had the help of Web 2.0. Web 2.0 refers to all the websites that offer user-generated content and participatory culture. But the future demands even more powerful web versions.

This is where Web 3.0 is introduced. Web 3.0 brings about a much more significant change in the way of learning online.

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21 Incredible AI Tools for Education You Need to Try Right Now! 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer in the field of education technology. It has the potential to provide students with personalized learning experiences, help teachers grade assignments faster and more accurately, and offer instant feedback and support to students.

In this article, we’ll look at 21 AI-powered Edtech tools that are making a difference in the education sector and provide a brief overview of each tool along with a rating.

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21 Incredible AI Tools for Education You Need to Try Right Now!
AI for Better Student Engagement

AI for Better  Student Engagement

Students can grasp more and learn more efficiently when they are engaged in non-conventional ways, interactive learning is one of the most followed ways for engaging students.

Nowadays, interactive learning is not limited to classes, AI chatbots have come up as a great way to engage students and promote interactive learning.

Here are 4 ways teachers can adopt AI for better student engagement–

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7 Ways to simplify Skill based assessments for your organisation

Skill assessment of the person is a crucial aspect for organizations, especially during the hiring process. Hiring and Interviewing is considered a subjective assessment and it may vary from person to person or department to department for each organization.

Technology can help reduce bias and the subjective assessment process. Technology can help you to simplify the skill assessment process on a larger scale. This article discusses the 7 ways to simplify the skill assessment process for your organization.

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Ways to Simplify offline Exam Process

Ways to Simplify offline Exam Process

Explore effective ways to adopt technology to simplify the offline examination process. 

The offline exam involves activities like Question Paper Generation, Question paper Delivery, Anwer Script Evaluation, and Result Management. Technology can help to improve the process.

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Programming Tests to boost coding skills

Coding or programming assessments are crucial for various higher education courses related to data science and computer science.

Education institutes can enhance the coding skills of candidates using online coding assessments.

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Top Edtech Trends 2023

Top 10 Trends of Education Technology for the year 2023

Education technology can help to eliminate current barriers to providing quality education all across the world. Education technology will provide a chance to widen the imagination of the students and help them grasp better.

Here are the top 10 upcoming trends in education technology. 

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Future of Edtech Post Covid?

Explore where Education technology is heading and how the education sector would be changed post-Covid pandemic with technology adoption. Technology is certainly going to change the way educational institutions and universities are operating.

The COVID19 pandemic has highly affected the whole educational conduct and academic routine. The educational sector is prominently making an effort to identify new and innovative ways where the educational conduct can proceed using Live Classes and Online Exams with the help of technologies like remote proctoring.

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Increasing trend of ‘Online Remote Proctored exams’

Social distancing norms have changed the education sector. Technology has been adopted in an accelerated manner.

Remote Proctored exams are being adopted right from K12 to higher education institutions.

Explore trends and the future of remotely proctored exams.

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Top 20 Edtech Tools for the Educators

Educators are always trying to adopt new tools and techniques which can simplify the teaching/ learning process for their institute.

Tools should provide scalability, they should be cost-effective, and easy to use. Presenting 20 such

Edtech tools which can make the education process better

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Trends of Artificial Intelligence for Online Exams

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the next crown jewels of technology. Artificial Intelligence has seamlessly transitioned into our daily lives, which we might have failed to notice.

Right from helping teachers with administrative tasks like taking attendance and grading assignments to giving teachers feedback by analyzing the performance of students in tests, AI is transforming the education sector. 

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6 ways to secure your online exams.

Remote proctoring is considered one of the most essential techniques to secure online exams.

End-to-end video proctoring can ensure top-notch security while conducting online exams.

With Video proctored Online Exams, the overall exam activity undergoes end-to-end video surveillance; which ultimately leaves the candidate appearing for the exam with zero chances to cheat.

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How to simplify the Centralized Admission Process?

Long queues or chaos is quite a common scenario during the admission cycle. Online Admission System cuts down a lot of costs as well as manpower involvement with the help of technology.

The centralized Admission Process brings everything relevant to the Admission process to your fingertips. Instead of wandering all around the town and visiting colleges to fill up Admission Forms, Online Admission System allows you to apply for the institutes that suit your choice.

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