Eklavvya Learning Management System

The one stop solution for providing all your distance education needs with absolutely no compromise on ease, efficiency or quality.


Coding Assessment

Live Lectures and Classes

Bandwidth Optimization for efficient live classes management for remote users.

Aptitude Test

Collaborative Learning

Share PPTs for live collaborations with interactive whiteboards.

Online Survey

Course Planning

Management can monitor the syllabus progress. Complete clarity to students about the upcoming lectures.


High-Quality LMS with all Essential Feature

Secured Google Login,
Daily Updates to Parents,
Proctored Exams.
Automated Email/SMS.


Simplified Attendance Management

QR Code Based Attendance, Auto attendance marking facility.


Feedback Based Learning

Get Tangible Feedback for a topic. Topic wise analysis. Student wise analysis for feedback


High Security

Highest form of security for piracy control and restricted access/ sharing to educational contents.

Hiring-Assessment (1)


Easier process for submitting and evaluating assignments digitally.


Course Material

Maintain security for all your uploaded content. Screenshots and Screen recordings restricted.

LMS Analysis

Faculty / Student Analysis

Lecture Management

Planning Vs Implementation


Online Exams

Simplified Administration

Lecture management.

Cancel, Arrange, Reschedule lectures quickly.

Realtime timetable management.

Lecture Dashboard

View every day’s analytics.

View monthly, weekly, yearly lecture’s stats.

Join any lecture via the dashboard.

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