Listen to latest education technology and trends related to digital assessment, online evaluation, proctored exams.


Top Trends of Education Technology in 2019

Edtech is emerging has area of interest for many across the world. Exam Management, digital learning, remote proctoring, adoption of AI, block chain can be game changer for EdTech industry. Education delivery can be enhanced using technology to change the world. Swapnil (Founder of Splashgain) is discussing about latest trends of education technology in 2019.




5 tips to succeed during onscreen evaluation implementation

Any technology implementation usually depends on participation of its stakeholders and proper training practices adopted by the university. Lack of training or hands on exposure about onscreen evaluation system can hamper progress and overall evaluation process for the education institute or university.

Podcast is about some of the key things which should be focused on if you wish to make onscreen evaluation implementation a success for your education institution.


5 ways to prevent cheating during online exams

This podcast is about 5 techniques to prevent cheating during online exams to make it secure

1. Secure Browser

2. Remote Proctoring

3. Advanced Data encryption techniques

4. Audit Logging

5. Timer for Each Question Approach


How to attract Students for Admission Process

Podcast is about various strategies and techniques to attract students for the admission of educational courses. Various techniques of social media, video marketing, digital admission process, article writing, sharing contents are discussed in the podcast. Tune in to know things to improve your admission marketing strategy.



6 key things about proctored online exams

Explore 6 key  things about implementation of proctored online exam process for entrance exams, university exams, corporate assessments or evaluation. Proctoring technology can help to prevent cheating during exams, avoid malpractices and adds security for online exams


Key things to Simplify Entrance Exam Process for University

This podcast explains key steps of managing entrance exam of education institute or university using technology. Technology can help to automate and simplify processes like online registration, exam hall ticket generation, online exam execution with proctoring approach.


Explore how Education Institute can benefit from Technology adoption for answer sheet evaluation process.

  • Digital Storage of the Answer Sheets
  • Simplified Digital Evaluation
  • Ease of Result Processing
  • Student Request for Scanned copy
  • Simplified Moderation Process