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In this podcast episode, we explore 4 ways that teachers can use AI to boost student engagement. We discuss the benefits of chatbots for interactive learning, critical thinking exercises, promoting creativity and innovation, and engaging students in validating AI-generated information.

Join us to discover How AI can revolutionize education!

Episode Transcript

Well, AI tools are everywhere. AI tools are getting adopted quickly across multiple sectors. Education sector is also not a barrier for it. Now, lot of students have started using Chat GPT. Some of the universities and education institution are hearing that it might result in reducing productivity or student might end up copying the assignment using chat GPT, but there are innovative ways in which teachers can adopt AI for better student engagement.

AI is going to stay here and it is the future. So instead of banning the tools like Chat GPT, we need to embrace those tools and we need to think about it.

Like how exactly we can use those tools to improve students knowledge or improve their engagement. So in this podcast, we are going to discuss four ways teacher can adopt AI for better student engagement. So it is well-known and widely accepted fact, that student can grasp more and learn more.

Efficiently when they are engaged in a nonconversational way. So Interactive Learning is one of the way in which you can improve engagement. So by incorporating AI technology Educators can personalize. The Learning Experience for students delivered to their unique needs abilities and interests.

So first thing that you can do is encourage Interactive Learning using AI technology like chatbots. So chatbots are turning out to be great tool for teachers to promote Interactive Learning.

So for students AI chatbots can offer fun, and engaging learning experience, that will keep them interested in the subject matter. So for example, students can ask Quiz to a chatbot bot, provide them with the individual feedback, it can enhance their learning experience.

So one of the best things about  AI Chatbots that they can be accessed at any point of time. Making it possible for students to learn outside of the traditional classroom.

Anytime they have spare time, teacher can stimulate Interactive Learning in their students, by using AI chatbots and make their learning enjoyable and interesting.

Second Way teachers can use chatbot, is they can ask students to identify mistakes in the AI generated answers for the syllabus related questions. So one of the important factors associated with education is books have been the Cornerstone for education for centuries and they will continue to be essential resource for the students.

Teachers should definitely encourage students to read books and use them as a starting point for their learning. Books can provide a wealth of information and knowledge that is not readily available to other sources.

It can certainly help student to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter, but apart from Gaining, Knowledge from the books.

It is very essential for students to have access to up-to-date Dynamic information. See things are changing especially in case of Technology It is changing everyday technology adoption is increasing it across multiple sectors and AI generated content can be valuable supplement to your traditional curriculum that teachers can encourage students to compare and contrast the information.

They find it in books and with the information generated by various AI Technology including chatbots by doing so students can develop critical thinking skills and learn to evaluate accuracy and reliability of the source of information.

So one effective way is to use AI generated content in the classroom is by having student to try to identify mistakes or inconsistencies in the AI generated answer or to the syllabus related question. So by encouraging students to read books and moderate AI generated content teachers can help students to develop well-rounded understanding of the subject.

It can also help students develop critical thinking skills to evaluate different source of information and express their own perspective and opinions. So, definitely by combining traditional methods of learning with the cutting-edge technology teacher can create adynamic and engaging learning environment.

That will certainly help students succeed in both in and out of the classroom. Third Way is where teacher can also asked, To suggest alternative approaches for solving a particular problem apart from AI responses. So AI can certainly provide various problem-solving approaches. It can provide lot of suggestions, but teacher can ask students to think out of the box and provide additional alternative solutions to the problem.

This can certainly help students develop their own unique voice perspective on the scenario and it can help them to understand value of considering the multiple viewpoints. it can also help students to see how different approaches to problem-solving can lead to different outcome.

So by asking students, to suggest alternative approaches to the problem teacher can help students to develop their own understanding of the subject, matter by engaging. In this activity, students can gain deeper understanding of the concepts and theories that they are learning. Fourth interesting way. Is you can engage student in validating AI generated information.

According to syllabus related content. So definitely by asking students to recheck and validate the answers provided by AI for syllabus oriented questions.

It is effective for the teacher to increase student engagement. This approach can also help students to develop their critical thinking skills and evaluate accuracy, reliability of the different sources of information. So, to conclude AI is definitely the future for Learning and increasing student. Engagement is one of the key aspect in which AI can help educators.

There are many ways for Teacher to adoptAI for better student engagement where they can encourage students to interact with AI Chatbot. For Interactive, Learning teacher can ask student to compare and contrast information found in the books.

And with AI generated content, having students identify mistakes in the AI generated content. Answers with respect to syllabus related question. Teacher can ask student to suggest alternative approaches to problems presented by the AI. So, by incorporating those approaches into the learning strategies.

Teacher can create a dynamic and engaging learning environment that will certainly help student to succeed, both in and out of the classroom and improve their learning.

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