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Experience the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing the evaluation of descriptive answers in education.

Join us on a journey to discover the limitations of manual evaluation, the extensive time it consumes, and the potential errors it introduces. Delve into the realm where AI can swiftly analyze and assess thousands of answers in a matter of minutes, delivering unparalleled accuracy.

From accelerating evaluation speed to providing timely feedback, AI reshapes the assessment landscape. Immerse yourself in captivating case studies that unveil the boundless future possibilities AI brings to education evaluation.

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Episode Transcript

Hello and welcome to today’s podcast episode. So as we dive into more education technology and AI, so let us try and understand one of the key practical aspects or challenges associated with education. I think most of the exams happen in an online mode or even in an offline mode.

Some of the exams are multiple choice based, some of the exams are descriptive based, where students need to submit detailed descriptive theory answers which can be typed online during online descriptive examination process.

But evaluation of descriptive answers manually is definitely a challenging task considering the scale associated with that. Imagine an institute having 5000+ student and evaluator need to read all the answers typed by the students related to long descriptive answers.

So if you consider overall examination pattern, say particular question has got 15 marks and then examiner need to evaluate the answer that is descriptive answer type by the student and then assign maximum marks out of 15 marks.

So in this context examiner also has a reference to the model answer associated with that question. So examiner typically assess the model answer and then evaluates the quality of the answer that is typed by the student in the descriptive examination process.

And then maximum marks are assigned out of 15. Sometimes examiner assign 3 marks, 4 marks, 8 marks, 10 marks, 12 marks depending on the quality of the answer. But if you consider overall magnitude of the work, it is quite a huge task where manual checking of descriptive answer takes lot of time and it is also error prone because humans, someone sitting on the other side is human and you personally need to read the answers typed by the students.

And sometimes examiner may skip the reading of the particular context of the answer and may not be able to assign suitable marks accordingly. So this challenge exists everywhere. So if you are evaluating particular essays of the students or if you are evaluating particular research paper of the students or if you would like to write short notes written by the student during type by the student during examination process, it is definitely a time consuming task.

But now AI can definitely assist you to automate descriptive answer evaluation process. Absolutely. This is definitely going to be exciting thing in the coming days where AI can read the answers, AI can analyze the model answer associated with that particular question and AI will be able to evaluate thousands of descriptive answers in a matter of minutes. Typically it takes 2 to 4 weeks or couple of months sometimes to evaluate descriptive answers and examination result processing get delayed most of the time.

But now using AI descriptive answer evaluation process, definitely those things can be accelerated significantly. There is definite impact of AI and machine learning across the businesses where more than 37 % of the businesses and organizations have started using AI and more and more organizations are going to use it.

There are lot of use cases of AI and in case of education sector, AI evaluation of descriptive answers is definitely one of the strong use case to adopt AI for improving examination evaluation accuracy. AI can certainly speed up the answer evaluation process. It can help teachers in sorting through descriptive responses efficiently. It can also enable evaluator to assess descriptive answers in bulk.

It can accelerate grading process without sacrificing evaluation accuracy. So definitely it is very strong use case associated with the AI. So AI algorithm typically works on large data. So if you are going to have more data, more use cases which can act as input for AI, accuracy of that AI algorithm improves drastically. So in this context, whenever you want to evaluate descriptive answers, it is preferred to have some kind of sample data provided as an input to the AI algorithm.

Suppose you want to evaluate 10 ,000 descriptive answers and some of the examiners have already evaluated 500 to 1000 descriptive answers. So you can provide those descriptive answers and marking scheme of the examiner to the AI algorithm.

So AI algorithm will learn all those 1000 cases of allocation of marks. It will learn the pattern of marking scheme. It will also learn the model answer provided for this descriptive answer. And then it can evaluate remaining descriptive answers quite easily. And there is an accuracy of more than 90 % for type descriptive answers in any languages. So AI would auto allocate marks to those remaining descriptive answers.

So definitely it is one of the use case if you want to simplify the descriptive answer evaluation process, you should explore the possibility of adopting AI algorithm. There is a strong case study also available where one of the largest training institutes of India has automated descriptive answer assessment using AI. So that institute is able to evaluate 5000 plus responses during online exam with AI.

That institute is able to save 2000 plus evaluation hours of the teachers. And those teachers can be utilized or they can do other productive tasks so that it can improve overall efficiency of the organization itself. Plus cost saving of more than 80 % for the evaluation of type descriptive answers is achieved by this one of the largest training institutes.

So evaluation of descriptive answers using AI is definitely a use case where you can explore the options, you can start some of the things as a pilot basis for your education institutions. Eklavya platform has already come up with unique features which supports auto evaluation of descriptive answers using AI. If you would like to understand more details about this platform and how you can automate the descriptive answer evaluation process, then you can visit for more details.

Thank you for listening to this podcast.

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