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Explore and understand key best practices to consider while implementing online examination process for education institute, university or school

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Welcome to the podcast of Splashgain award-winning education technology company working on digital assessment, proctoring digital evaluations in education software technology platforms of Splashgain are being used by hundreds of customers with success worldwide. Swapnil, founder and director of Splashgain is discussing best practices associated with online examination implementation over to Swapnil,

Thank you for joining today’s Podcast. Today, we are going to have very interesting discussion about best practices associated with online assessment or online examination Implementation current social distancing norm has resulted in the technology adoption for Education institutes, Universities, training institution or even certification authorities all over the world.

They are trying to implement online examination process for their students for conducting various academic exam for so as semester exams. So while implementing online examination process. There are certain key practices which need to be taken into consideration. So if you are selecting a platform, then you need to ensure that it follows some of the best practices associated with online examination process.

First key thing associated with implementation of any new technology or new solution would be training to various stakeholders. So, in case of online examination process. There are various stakeholders like administrators, teachers, professors or even students as well as their parents are involved in this activity. So, while defining the online examination process, you need to have various mechanisms.

Where you can train such a stakeholders associated with. You can provide mock exam for the practice for the students, such a mock exams, you’ll be provided with the right kind of instruction. So that students will be able to do the practice associated with mock exams.

And based on that practice, they can easily appear for the final or actual online examination process, any queries or technical or functional queries resolved come up in the mock exam process, it should be resolved as soon as possible. So that students or parents would not face any kind of difficulty during actual examination process.

Apart from mock exam There is another best practice that would be providing training videos to the students parents, as well as administrators, examiner’s associated with online examination process.

We at a Eklavvya platform provides various training videos, which can be easily accessible on the YouTube, WhatsApp. And it can be easily communicated to the students where students parents as well, as various stakeholders can easily refer to those training videos.

In order to understand how online examination works and how they will be able to appear for the online exam with confidence. There is another important aspect associated, with online exam is real time exam, suppose your exam is shouldn’t exceed 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. And if any student faces difficulty at the start of exam, then there has to be instant support for the query solution.

Whenever student raise Any query on WhatsApp, Communication email, or phone call It has to be resolved instantly their itself. So that student will be able to appear for the online exam.

So this process is quite critical for the success associated with online examination process. Apart from that, there are various best practices associated with security of the platform where platform has to be scalable and there has to be various basic security mechanism, like SSL protocol or even data encryption has to be implemented, entire communication associated with client to server, or server client should be in an encrypted format.

So that any information exchange happening while student, is attempting the online exam, it has to be Secure and access associated with online the examination process, like access to question bank or access to results or access to various examination Attributes.

Should be driven by role base, So any specific person logging with the specific role should have access to only those features or functionalities. In case of a Eklavvya platform we provide various facilities and mechanisms using which various roles are defined like, for examiner there is access associated with examination answer sheets.

And even in that case, roll number, name or email ID of the student, can also be mask and whenever subject matter expert is logging into the system subject matter Expert would have access only to the respective question bank for which that person is responsible whenever administrator or result person is logging into the system that person would have access only to the result data associated. examination process.

So there are various role based security mechanism You can Implement so that access to critical or confidential information can be limited to the respective roles.

Apart from that, there is one of the important aspect associated with online exam is scalability. Imagine if you have thousands or hundreds of students, who are concurrently going to appear for the online exam then online examination platform has to be scalable.

It should be able to handle such concurrent requests and experience Associated with online exam, has to be seamless for the various students who might be attempting Online exam from their devices. Another important aspect associated with online Examination would be It should be accessible on smartphones, mobile devices as well as on the tablets as well.

So imagine a student who is not having access to the computer can easily attempt online exam using the smartphone Eklavvya platform has capabilities to conduct online exams on desktop, tablet, mobile phones and smartphones.

Even our online exams can also be attempted on the iPhone as well. So there is a flexibility available where examination process has to be device-independent on any device. It has to be seamless experience and student should be able to appear for the online exam using any available devices.

Another important best practices associated with remote online exam would be secure browser. Secure browser is a mechanism which will prevent users from opening of any other window by online exam is in progress. If student or Candidate try to open any other video during online examination activity then online example would get suspended and system will log the things.

If user tried to open any other window three times or four times then the system can also record all those things. It can also be configured in the system, Eklavvya platform provides seamless secure browser which can help you to conduct secure online exam.

Another best practice associated with online, examination process would be remote proctoring. So remote proctoring is a mechanism which will help you to capture the photographs of the remote user who is attempting the online exam.

There is also facility to do video streaming audio recording or even screen recording of the candidate who is attempting the online exam. So this way, you can easily conduct online exam with the help of best practices available in the in Eklavvya platform.




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