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Explore how Work from home profiles and other job profile applicants are assessed in current social distancing norms and what is the future for work from home profile evaluation and assessment.
Explore how organizations can conduct remote assessments and interviews for applicants using technology
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Welcome to podcast of Splashgain award-winning education, technology company working on digital assessment, proctoring, digital evaluations. software technology platforms of Splashgain are being used by hundreds of customers with success worldwide Swapnil, founder and director of Splashgain is discussing how organizations are changing recruitment processes with remote hiring and assessment using technology over to Swapnil.

Welcome to today’s podcast today, we are going to have very interesting discussion about changing hiring Trends. And how remote hiring can be simplified with the help of Technology available social distancing law has resulted in the lockdown kind of situation across the world.

Many organizations, including multinational companies are preferring to work from home for their employees and there is a situation where a lot of work from home, jobs are coming. Even some of the companies are deciding that even after this pandemic ends they are likely to continue for the majority of the employees to work from home.

Work from home has lot of advantage in terms of saving cost as well as Saving Time related to comute. While working from home has a lot of benefits. Organization need to adapt to the technology in order to assess candidates or employees during hiring process.

So in the traditinal hiring scenario there used to be face-to-face interview. Plus, there can be physical assessment of the candidates who  need to be evaluated during hiring process. But in case of remote environment, technology adoption is Must for the organizations

Organizations, typically follow the traditional process, where if entry-level employees or entry-level candidates need to appear for the aptitude test or even psychometric Tests in the current context employees, or prospective employees are candidates, are likely to appear from their home for the various aptitude test or psychometric tests.

So in this case, if you want to ensure that candidate is appearing for the online exam in authenticated manner or there is no malpractice happening or candidate should not be able to take help from any external means, like Notebooks

Then proctored assessment is the preferred way where in case of remote proctoring kind of environment. Candidates web camera is used to monitor remote activity associated with exam. And candidate is not allowed to open any other window with the help of secure browser technology. So, Candidate appearing for the hiring test, recruitment test or even aptitude test can appear for the exam. Where remote invigilator can continuously do the monitoring activity.

Even AI driven proctoring analysis Also help you to detect facial recognition kind of thing where system can also recognize the face of the candidate and it can help you to identify If the same person is appearing for the online assessment or not.

So remote. Recruiting is a mechanism which can help you to simplify the remote Hiring process or conducting hiring assessment exam in the traditional scenario organization used to ask candidate to appear for the online aptitude test or recruitment test at Designated Exam Center.

So in this case candidate typically need to travel to the exam Center and then organization need to arrange physical iinvigilators at the designated exam centers. Then online exam used to take place at the designated exam Center. So it involves lot of logistical activities and cost associated with conducting Such examination is also very high, but remote Proctor AI driven online assessment can help you to simplify management of on conducting, aptitude test or hiring test for those remote candidates.

Imagine a scenario where you are trying to conduct campus aptitude test in order to recruit freshers for your organization. In this case, you can certainly ask candidate to appear for the remote Proctor driven online test, where candidates can appear for such a test sitting at their home, using their smartphone or laptop or desktop devices. And remote examination will ensure that they are appearing for the test in an authenticated Manner.

And based on that test organizations can Easily, shortlist suitable candidate for the next steps. So as soon as you shortly is the candidate, Next Step you would like to understand its communication aspect of a candidate or there can be small interview you can conduct for the suitable candidates.

So a Eklavvya platform provides facilities to conduct oral or viva exams Or Viva assessment for those suitable candidates. Where candidate need to appear for such oral or viva onilne and all the answers attempted or the answer spoken by the candidate are recorded in the system and as an evaluator, if you want to evaluate communication skill or overall personality aspects of the candidate, then you can easily watch that recording of the candidate in the form of audio as well as video.

And based on the recording you can analyze whether the candidate is suitable for the next process or not. So system can also do automated recording of each individual answers where you can display the particular question Like, tell me about yourself in front of the screen and candidate need to answer that question.

And everything will get recorded in the system. Even there is a  facility provided to type the answers. So that if you would like to assess written communication of particular candidate, then that can also It managed with the help of Technology provided by Eklavvya platform.

So online assessments or remote interview process is likely to become Normal where organizations which are trying to scale up and more  work from home job profiles are coming up. You can simplify your assessment process or hiring process with the help of AI driven remote proctoring assessments, where you can conduct aptitude tests psychometric. Test.

You can also define domain specific tests associated with your organization. And then there is also facility available where you can conduct oral or viva assessments as well. So in short organization can simplify their campus placement activities or hiring or recruitment activities with the help of Technology provided by a Eklavvya platform.

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Thank you for listening to our podcast. Do not forget to review our podcast. We would be back with an exciting episode in the coming week.


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