Effective way to manage voice assessments and oral tests [Podcast]

Episode Description

Education is radically getting transformed with online mode. It has become imperative to change methodologies of assessment as well.

Until now we have been hearing or even appearing for only one kind of online assessments which are the written ones. We are quite used to those online tests where we need to choose one option from the four available options (multiple choice).

As the educational sector has started adopting online platforms for almost every teaching-learning activity, it became necessary for them to conduct even the oral tests in online mode.Now, let us see how these voice assessments and oral tests can be conducted. Details


Episode Transcript

Welcome to today’s podcast episode. Today, we are going to have a discussion about Trends related to assessment technology. So because of covid-19 situation, lot of things have changed in terms of Education sector. Lot of things related to online classes or remote learning remote examination. Education is radically getting transformed with online mode.

Traditionally Education Institute used to conduct pen and paper base exams it has been shifted to online mode. Now, education institutions are also trying to adopt new things. They are exploring new options related to viva or oral exams. Eklavvya platform has come up with new features and Innovation related to viva or oral assessment.

So in this context, there is a facility available where student can log into the system and can record answers for the particular question. So in case of say exam, you might have asked 10 questions to the student, Student will visit first question and it will be attempted by the student in the form of oral answer it will be completely recorded against that question. And similarly, whenever student will turn to visit next question. Next oral exam answer can be attempted by the student so candidate need to start the recording and say answers aloud and clear. And then stop the recording as soon and answers is recorded.

So this is quite a simple mechanism. Where if you would like to conduct oral exam or viva exam of thousand plus candidate simultaneously, then you can easily assign such oral or viva exam, the student can log into the system using their mobile device or any device like a laptop or desktop and record their answers for the respective questions and there is a facility available where you can assign one or more examiner’s evaluators who are going to, listen to the answers and allocate marks for the individual questions.

So there is a facility available where examiner’s Did not have to be present in front of the screen while listening to the students oral or viva of students. So examiner’s can listen to it at their preferred time. So you can easily achieve scalability associated with oral or viva where thousands of students can attend oral or viva Exam simultaneously.

But at the same time examiner’s can evaluate it at their preference. Similarly, if that oral or viva assessment need to be evaluated by multiple examiner’s, then you can assign that evaluation process for the multiple examiners as well. So this facility is certainly going to be beneficial for the school, colleges or universities.

There are quite a few use cases associated with oral exams, where each schools are conducting some viva or oral competitions then they can use Eklavvya platform where thousands of student can simultaneously attempt and record their answers into competition.

Even in case of schools or Colleges, they typically conduct admission interviews. If you consider MBA admissions then MBA students are asked about their short-term, long-term goal or why they’re taking admission or what is their preferred Branch like HR, Finance or technology items.

So also such interview questions can be defined in the form of oral assessment and that can be attempted by the student or candidate remotely quite easily. Even there are use cases associated with recruitment interviews. So, if you would like to contact recruitment interview of multiple candidates, then you can easily assign oral or viva exam for such candidates and they can easily attempt it.

And there is a facility for the evaluator To listen the answers to understand quality of communication, quality of words spoken by the candidate. And this found that evaluator can easily assign the marks to the respective candidates. So such a technology certainly going to be beneficial for conducting remote oral exams

So there are quite a few education institutions as well as corporates, who have adopted this technology where Eklavvya platform has developed this technology related to viva or oral. You can visit  Eklavvya.com and start a free trial associated with conducting viva or oral assessments.


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