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Are you tired of spending countless hours poring over documents and verifying information manually? Say hello to the future of document verification with DocuExpert!

In this episode, we explore how AI-driven verification is transforming the way we process documents and eliminating the potential for human error.

With DocuExpert, you can trust that your documents are being verified with the highest accuracy and efficiency possible.

Join us as we dive into the exciting world of AI and document processing and discover how this technology can revolutionize the way we work with documents. Don’t miss out on this informative and eye-opening episode!

Episode Transcript

Hello and welcome to today’s podcast episode. Today, we are going to have very interesting discussion about latest trends in AI Technologies and we are going to discuss one of the tool which is very useful for Education institutions or universities to automate document scrutiny or document verification process.

So if you take into consideration scenario or workflow associated with say admission process or registration process, education institues, need to collect. various documents from the student like marksheet, leaving certificate. degree certificate, all the academic credential related certificate, category certificate.

So there are many certificates or even in some of the admission process. It is also important to submit domicile certificate as well. So Education Institute take into consideration all those documents and then it scrutinizes the authenticity of the document and then it approves weather application of the candidate is valid or not.

So, all these things are done manually and it is quite a time consuming activity. But now AI Tool like Docuexprt can certainly help you to simplify automate document scrutiny process. So the So Docuexprt is very simple software as a service platform where you just need to use apis of that system where you can call those apis and input parameter.

Marksheet or any kind of document where you want to extract information or if you would like to compare information from the document, with the predefined data set or application. This tool will help you to compare extract information from various document so your job of document scrutiny Can be automated with the help of AI tool like Docuexprt.com

Which can certainly help you to scan the documents and extract the information. So imagine if you have 10,000 applicants who are submitted 2 to 3 average number of documents. Now, you need to verify scrutinize those 20 to 30,000 document. It will take at least 15 to 30 days to do manual, verification process.

But using AI tool and AI component you can easily automate simplified document scrutiny. It can also help you to improve accuracy associated with the overall process. So definitely AI tool for document scrutiny. Like Docuexprt is definitely going to be Be a game changer for you.

If you want to simplify the verification of information which is there in the document itself. So Docuexprt Automate the document verification process by extracting, comparing, analyzing information so it definitely eliminates need of manual intervention, Making the verification process simple fast as well as Accurate.

So let us discuss one of the case study where one of the Central University manages centralized admission they had a very tough time in scrutinizing the various document to generate the Merit list. So Docuexprt was introduced to verify more than one lakh twenty thousand documents for this centralized admission process.

So more than 180 colleges were participating in this admission process and more than 50,000 plus students typically applied and manual scrutiny of all those documents is definitely a daunting and time-consuming task.

So in this admission process student used to attach 510 digital copies of various documents so that include Marksheet of 10th standard to 12th standard, category certificate, leaving certificate, income proof in case if they are requesting for scholarships and many more such documents.

So, admission committee or admission team need to manually scrutinize document and it is always not 100% accurate. So, typically it used to take five to ten minutes To verify a particular document and compare the information submitted by the student in the admission form.

But Docuexprt has certainly helped that centralized education committee where Auto document reader of Docuexprt.com eliminated need of manual scrutiny. And admission team is able to verify thousands of documents with 100% accuracy in a matter of minutes. So, Docuexprt eliminated need of Manual verification of the document.

So there are various documents, which can be Auto verified using tools, like Docuexprt where you can automate verification of caste certificate, cast validity certificate, Domicle certificate, EWS certificate, Marksheet as well. If student is going to submit NEET entrance exam related marksheet that ways can also be verified with the help of Docuexprt

There is a noncreamy layer certificate requirement for various admission processes in India. So, you can also automate the verification of the such non-criminal certificates as well. So, if you want to simplify admission process or document scrutiny, you must explore technology which can help you to automate simplify and improve accuracy of admission process.

There is always pressure on Education institutions or centralized admission committee, to declare Merit list Quickly so that students can take their admission or meritlist can be generated and student will be able to get their ambition as soon as possible.

Typically, admission process get delayed or drag for so many days because of manual intervention or manual verification of various admission documents but AI tools Like Docuexprt.comcan certainly help you to simplify document verification process using technology. So if you are looking forward for detailed demonstrations or if you would like to understand success stories associated with AI document verification process

You can certainly visit Docuexprt.com for more details and understanding best practices associated with adoption of AI in various educational processes including admission process.

Thank you for listening to this podcast. Make sure you subscribe to our podcasting channel So that you will get notified. Thank you.


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