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Explore how one of the leading universities of India used technology to prevent cheating during online exam process

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Welcome to podcast of Splashgain award-winning, education technology company working on digital assessment remote proctoring and AI. Software technology Platforms of Splashgain are being used by hundreds of customers with success worldwide Swapnil, founder and director of Splashgain is discussing about how leading University of India, prevented online exam cheating over to Swapnil.

Today we are going to have interesting discussion about online examination implementation in a cheating free manner. By one of the leading universities of India, social distancing Norm has resulted in a lockdown sort of situation and every educational institution as well as universities are trying to adopt to it by using various techniques to conduct practical exams or online exams.

Remote proctoring is a mechanism  it is actually the new normal to manage online examination process for academic courses, as well, as professional courses right from school, Colleges, universities are adapting to remote proctored exams. And remote proctoring is a technology which has been used predominantly across education institutions.

Still, there are some challenges institutes are complaining. Some of the students are able to cheat in the online examination process by various means and mechanisms. So typically while conducting online exam, education, institutes prefer to keep question navigation on.

So if question navigation is enabled, then student after login to the system can view, all the questions can navigate to particular question. And attempt, the exam or student can also Mark certain question for review and at later point of time, Student can attempt such questions  for which he or she is not sure about the answers.

In this context, there are a lot of opportunities for cheating available for the respective student. Even though it is proctored exam, there are quite a few cases which have been detected Where number of students who are able to get more than 90% marks in the online examination process. Even though there were a proctored mechanism.

Universities and education Institutions are trying to find out solution for this how they can get their actual result according to criteria defined by the University or according to study done by the particular student, there has to be certain sort of standard deviation in terms of result where 10% to 15% student might fail and only 10% to 15% student might get distinction in the examination process.

So there is a mechanism available where you can use setting per question timer for the online examination process. So, in this case, Eklavvya platform provides facility where you can set the timer for each position in the examination process. So if you are having a objective type of exam, then you can keep the timer associated with each position like 60 seconds or 120 seconds. So, having a timer for each question can definitely provide opportunity to conduct Fair online examination.

One of the leading University of India which adopted this technology as prior to using this timer for question. when they conducted their online exam, they found that more than 80% of the students were able to secure more than 90% of the marks. So they wanted to normalize the results Using timer per question provided opportunity where student need to attempt particular question shown on the screen within the stipulated period of say 60 seconds or 120 seconds.

As soon as that time get elapsed system will show the student next question. And same student will need to attempt that question as well within the 60 seconds time. So this way even though you get there is a mechanism available to identify Cheating during online examination  It is quite difficult for the student to get the real answer of the question within the period of sixty seconds.

And of course, Advanced AI proctoring mechanism Also helps to identify facial recognition or face detection mechanisms. So in this context University managed to do the various settings like this, online question paper was set with the timing. For each question was set tot he 60 seconds.

 So while starting the exam students were shown the question only for the 60 seconds duration on the screen and student was expected to attempt that question in that stipulated time only. So, for mathematical calculation oriented questions, timer for each, question can be set to say under 120 seconds or 180 seconds students were unable to move forward or backward to see the questions during examination process

System Also used randomization approach And only one question was visible on the screen and two timers were maintained one for the entire exam and another for the each question, And proctoring Method, also ensured that system capture video audio images of the student, attempting the exam.

So, what was the result of this online examination?  Resulted, in a fair result for the online exam. University, conducted million plus exam sessions for which 150,000 students. And some of the statistics are quite interesting less than three percent of students achieved More than 90% of the marks in the exam, 15% of the students fail in the exam. Very few number of students got more than 80% of the mass and result was according to expectation of the traditional pen and paper based offline exam where results, follow standard deviation with majority of the students being in the range of 40 to 60% of the marks.

So if you are looking to conduct Fair online Exams. Then having a timer per question during online exam, along with the remote proctoring mechanism will definitely help you to conduct exam in a cheating free environment where students will get time of only one minute to attempt particular question  that is being shown on the screen and probability of cheating Reduces drastically because there is only one minute available for the student attempt multiple choice question. And if that question is going to be say Theory, based question or calculation based question, you can also allocate time as two minutes or three minutes.

 So this will definitely ensure cheating free environment for the online examination process. Eklavvya platform has been used quite effectively by various universities because it provides various Advanced AI algorithms and advanced configurations related to per question timer settings as well as question navigation, enabling, or disabling along with the secure browser mechanism. In order to conduct objective as well as subjective exams.

 If you are looking to conduct online exam with highest form of security then visit, for detailed demonstration of our solution. Thank you for listening to our podcast.


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