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Are you tired of struggling with the tedious and time-consuming process of examination management? Want to learn how to streamline your institute’s or university’s examination process and improve your reputation?

Look no further! Our latest podcast episode, “Improve your examination Management Using Online Tools,” covers the latest and most effective tools for simplifying examination management. From item bank management to auto-descriptive evaluation, we’ll provide actionable tips and strategies for implementing these tools in your institution.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your examination process and elevate your institution’s reputation. Tune in now and take control of your examination management!

Episode Transcript

Hello and welcome to today’s podcast. Today we are going to have discussion about overall examination management that is being done by academicians or education institution and University. So, if you consider overall exam management, it is very important, in case of academics, because examination management system defines the reputation of the organization or education institution.

 So if education Institution Or university is able to conduct exam which will help students to assess the knowledge or if exams are conducted in a professional manner then obviously brand of the education institution enhances in terms of students mind and if any mistake happens during the examination process like the wrong question, leakage of paper or wrong evaluation of the answer sheets, then it definitely affects the brand value of the education.

¬†So overall, examination management need to be done in a professional manner. So there are quite a few tools of Technologies which are available. You can use those tools and Technologies in order to improve overall examination management process. So, in today’s podcast we are going to discuss about the various steps which are involved in end to end exam management and how effectively you can improve those things Using various tools.

 So let us try and understand each and every tool, one by one. So I think if you consider overall examination management then First Step associated with exam management, means question bank management or item Bank management. So that is the key step in defining the examination Question paper.

 So item Bank management, involves various entities or even subject matter expert who provide their inputs for defining the various types of question, whether multiple choice, question or descriptive or any coding related Question. So all those subject matter expert provide their input in defining the question bank. So if you are going to use online tools like item Bank management or question Bank management provided by Eklavvya, you can define various role sand responsibilities.

 Where each subject matter expert can log into the system and can define the question Bank based on the co po mapping as well. So subject matter expert can log in and they can defined the question bank, which will act as an input to exam Question paper creation process.

 So if your item Bank management or question Bank management is done, then next step is a defining, the question paper.

 So question people for the exam has to be defined in a confidential manner. It should not get leaked to the outside world. So in this case typically education institution or universities follow the approach, where they Define multiple question papers, and at the last minute they Define, okay, out of those pool of position paper So we can select one randomly selected position paper for the actual examination process. So exam can happen in an online manner or offline manner.

 Question paper generation solution, provided by equilibria Tool, provides streamlined approach for examination management or exam question Paper generation process, where you can download those question papers in the multiple formats, and it can be password protected. So if you are conducting offline exam at multiple exam centre then that process is quite useful to manage Security associated with question paper distribution even in case of online exam you can Define question papers as per the examination schema or syllabus associated with it Based on that question paper will get generated by the system by taking into consideration various hierarchy or various aspects of subject. Topic management.

 There is AI tool also available which can help you to automatically generate question paper or question Bank it can provide input, like subject topic. And you want to conduct exam for particular subject say management and your target associate assessment processes. You want to test accounting skill of the student and the difficulty Level of the question should be like, medium to high difficulty level for question.

 So AI generated question bank and also be useful to accelerate question Bank management as well as exam question creation process. Descriptive Answering evaluation is one of the area where there is a lot of manual activities in education institution, as well as universities, typically examiner need to read the answers and get the assign marks.

 There is a question where examiner need to read the answers and then assign marks out of 10.where answer is partially corrected examiner May assign five marks six or seven etc. So it is time consuming process. Where if you imagine if you want to evaluate thousands of descriptive answers then it takes a lot of time

 Answers provided by Eklavvya platform is very useful because it can save a lot of time associated with descriptive and evaluation. So in this context, whatever Type answer descriptive. Answer of the student is automatically provided to the AI and machine algorithm takes into consideration model answer as well as previously evaluated answers of the students based on that system can automatically evaluate the answers and assign marks.

 Since this process can be completed in record time So imagine a scenario. If you want to evaluate 10,000 descriptive, answers type by the student, you can do it in a couple of hours time. So if you go with the traditional process it takes a couple of months time to evaluate 10,000 descriptive answers, but using AI and machine learning algorithms, you can do it in a couple of hours that to with very high accuracy and predictability, there will not be any kind of bias involved in evaluation process.

 So definitely you can explore Auto descriptive answer evaluation process in order to improve your overall exam management cycle. Another key area where you can opt for technology is physical answer sheet evaluation. So in case of physical answer quality evaluation examiner need to visit certain location

 Examiner need to handle the physical copies of the answer sheet, you need to do collection and you need to do the tutoring of the marks. So all those things can be So all those things you can automate with the help of on screen evaluation system. So, in this context of understanding, evaluation system, it can scan the physical copies of the booklet.

 Examiners can include the evaluation process quite easily, sitting at any location. It provides flexibility. It can remove the constraints of location. It can also save a lot of cost Associated with the typical calculation of results. It can also improve accuracy associated with the overall answer sheet evaluation process. So you can certainly explore the option of on-screen evaluation system.

  Another key area where you can certainly opt for technology is oral or viva exams. So in this context in the traditional way oral or viva exams are conducted where examiner need to ask a question to the student and student need to respond. To the answers using online oral or web platform provided by Eklavvya. You can easily assign multiple overall oral exams to the student where students are showed the questions on the screen and whatever answers provided by the student, is the recorded in the system and that recording is available to listen at later point of time.

 So examiner can easily listen to the recording and can assign the marks accordingly. So here there is a facility Available where you can show the randomly generated question paper to the student. So that each student will get different set of questions for the oral or viva, and it will be according to examination syllabus.

 So, using this way, you can easily scale or conduct or conduct oral or viva exam for thousands of students simultaneously, and for audit purposes, you can always verify recording of each answer responses provided by the student. So technology can certainly help you to simplify overall viva exams quite comfortable,  another area where you can simplify your examination management is coding exams or practicals

 which involved compiling the certain code. So in the traditional scenario examiner, need to visit students laptop or PC and check out the code written and compiled by the student and manually Check the output associated with that but using online coding assessment of practical platforms, like Eklavvya You can easily Define coding related exams.

 System Cannot compare the output of that code with predefined test cases associated with it. And if those cases are successful, then only The students are assigned the Marks according to that performance of the student. So using online coding assessment or practical exam platforms, you can easily scale your coding assessment process with higher accuracy.




Digital Evaluation of Answer Sheet

Eklavvya has simplified the entire process of answer sheet evaluation. It includes many different features such as answer sheet scanning and storage, evaluation dashboard, analytics, and reporting to measure performance.

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