Preparing for the Future: How AI will Transform Education in 2023 [Podcast]

Episode Description

Welcome to this episode of the podcast, where we will be discussing the ways in which AI and machine learning will transform the education sector, or Edtech, in 2023.

As AI continues to make an impact across various industries, the recent launch of chat GPT has introduced numerous automation options for knowledge workers.

In the coming year, we will see a proliferation of new and exciting use cases for AI in education. Let’s dive in and explore how these technologies will shape the future of Edtech.

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Episode Transcript

Hello and welcome to today’s podcast. So we are already in year 2023. We have seen lot of things happening. Especially in case of artificial Intelligence AI chatbots like Chat GPT is already making waves in the world, because there are a lot of use cases which are getting identified.

Using Chat GPT you’re able to do lot of things, which any knowledge worker is able to do. So if you consider overall education sector it is also going to get changed with the adoption of AI and machine learning. So, in this podcast, we are going to discuss, explore possibilities, options, how education sector is going to get evolved with the help of AI and machine learning.

So you need to understand artificial intelligence is the latest technology that enables machine to Understand concept Just like humans, we keep on learning based on our experiences AI or machine is provided with, various use cases, various data, and it keeps on learning those data at it gets decision making ability or knowledge ability.

So no wonder that market of AI powered education technology tool has already crossed the mark of 2 billion in 2021 and Market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 45% in the upcoming years.

So AI integrated Edtech tools are much More efficient than the normal one. So while many of us believe that AI is only part of modern Robots in reality, AI has already touched our lives. so if you consider personalized ads or even modern assistance like Alex, Siri are powered even there are various chatbots which are run using AI algorithm.

So while when you visit any website associated with the banking domain and if they have a live chat facility, then you will Be able to realize it is powered by AI and it is not powered by humans. So AI, is there for assistance 24×7 and it can provide accurate responses in real time.

So it helps to provide instant customer support. So if you consider education Technology field, there are quite a few things which can be automated simplify using AI, Like intelligent question paper generation from question bank or even AI powered remote proctoring which is already there.

Plus you can do auto document verification of admission forms or various academic related documents using AI algorithm even there are Auto descriptive answer Evaluation is also possible In case of descriptive answers type by the student during assessment or examination process.

So with AI coming so far and it is going to become part of Education technology or Edtech. So let us try and understand each use case how exactly it going to get added in the education system, So one of the important thing you need to understand is you can you should use AI as an add-on and it cannot act as a replacement for teachers, Educators, or any other person, because person to person interaction Is most important in case of Education sector and AI can only provide assistance.

So if you take a case study related to Auto descriptive answer evaluation. So if you consider evaluation of descriptive answer since quite cumbersome task examiner’s need to read the descriptive answers of the students. And if that answer has got maximum marks of 10 then based on the model answer teacher need to provide marks or if that attempt is completely wrong than zero marks would be awarded.

So this is the mechanical process, which can be simplified automated with the help of Auto descriptive Answer evaluation process. So, in this context, AI tool can quickly read through the answer and provide valuable input to the evaluator for assigning the marks even AI input or AI algorithm can learn the marks assigned by the evaluator or the previous answers and it can easily compare the next answer with the previous answers pattern and it can provide accurate allocation of Marks.

So using AI to automate descriptive answer evaluation process is likely to get adopted in the year 2023. And we are going to see more such interesting use cases related to evaluation of answers for the students where accuracy can be improved time required to evaluate answer sheet can be reduced down. Apart from this, there is a possibility of simplification of Academy document verification using AI.

So if you consider overall addition process, it involves lot of documentation. It involves verification of mark sheet, category certificate, caste certificate, domicile certificate for the students, but wait, AI can certainly help you to Auto read the document and identified discrepancies associated with the documents.

So using platforms like, which can help you to Automate document verification process for admission. such tool can help you to evaluate thousands of documents with ease and with automation so that you do not have to rely on manual evaluation of those documents as manual evaluation of documents is errorprone It is not accurate, and it also takes a lot of time to verify documents related to admission process or any kind of academic document can be easily verified scrutinizes, scan with the help of various AI algorithms.

And you can also use tools like, for that. Plus, if you understand remote proctoring or remote invigilation of exam that is becoming quite a normal trend. If you consider certification exam, entrance exam or executive courses, which are run in remote manner There are a lot of exams which are happening in a remote environment where invigilator is able to use a AI powered remote proctoring technology to automate identification of remote candidates or verification of remote candidates.

AI tool can also assist you to identify if a person is attempting the exam in a fair manner or not plus AI Has a lot of Advanced Technologies related to electronic device detection, 360-degree proctoring process which can certainly help you to conduct remote invigilation. and it can provide flexibility for the students. Where students will be able to attempt exam as per their own schedule, as per their own preference and as per their own time zone.

So it provides a lot of flexibility  while conducting the assessment process plus online Assessment process can also assist you to Generate different question paper for different students, using various algorithms and examination pattern.

So to conclude AI is one of the biggest breakthrough technologies that has already revolutionized the world and it is likely to get accelerated with adoption in various sectors, including education sector. So we have already seen discuss, various use cases related to online assessment or simplification of document verification. Or even remote exam, individuation, process or even AI can assist automated evaluation of descriptive answers.




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