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Discover the advantages of learning in regional languages, how the UGC promotes regional language education, and the way forward to boost regional language learning. Join us for an insightful discussion on breaking language barriers in education. Listen now! 🎧✨

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Hello and welcome to today’s podcast episode. Today, we are going to have a very interesting discussion about UGC. That is University Grand commission’s push for regional language education to enhance learning in the Indian context.

So, India is a home of 398 languages. So that is a really huge number, but if you consider overall education aspect that is still predominantly happening in English language.

So in this multilingual and Multicultural context of promotion of regional language education has always been the key priority and now university Grand Commission in India which regulates the higher education in the country has recognized the importance of regional language education and they are trying to take various actions, In order to encourage use of regional language or mother tongue in the higher education context as well.

So if you compare overall higher education scenario in the developed countries, in case of Europe most of the European countries have higher education in their own language. If you take example of Italy, France, Germany even Asian countries like China, Japan They also encourage their own language in higher education.

I think only in case of India context there is an exception Where predominant higher education is happening in English language. And definitely UGC is trying to promote learning in Regional language and that is definitely going to impact higher education Market because more student might get enrolled tothe higher education Board. more Number ofsmight get Clarity of their learning so let us try and understand those rules that are exactly Going to change in the upcoming days.

So student can learn better in the regional language various studies as well as researchers have shown that student can learn better When they are taught in their mother tongue or in your language they are comfortable with.

In other words, learning outcome is the best when students study in their own mother tounge. So using Regional language as amedium of instruction can definitely improve student engagement.

Leading to Better Learning outcome and language cannot act as a restriction in learning when courses are taught in the native language. So many for many students from non-english Speaking Background, language can be a barrier to accessing higher education.

So if you could take into consideration engineering courses, medical courses. Those are predominantly taught in English language, and that is definitely a barrier for non-english speaking crowd.

India is linguistically and culturally diverse country, and promoting Regional language can help to preserve and promote this diversity as well. Apart from that, there is a benefit associated with development of local land knowledge system and it will help to preserve what we have.

So, Regional language often have their own unique knowledge systems, Such as local tradition practices, beliefs, and promoting learning in Regional language, can help preserve and promote these local language systems as well. Apart from that, I think it will also help enhance communication and social cohesion as well.

so even UGC chairman has suggested that allowing students to write their exam into Regional language. Even if their language of instruction is English. So UGC has recently asked universities to let the student write exam in local language irrespectively of medium of their learning.

Even UGC chairman suggested to allow student to write exams in Regional. And this is definitely a positive move towards promoting linguistic, diversity and inclusivity in higher education. So it recognizes the fact that many student may not be compatible with English as a medium of instruction and may perform better if they are allowed to use their mother. Or any language, they are comfortable with.

So it is also important to note that promoting Regional language in our education can help to preserve and promote linguistic and cultural diversity as well.

So even now there is a tweet from Economic Times, where higher education institutions play a very important role in preparing textbooks and supporting the teaching to learning processes in modern terms or local languages that is being mentioned by UGC chairman M.Jagdish Kumar. So M Jagdish Kumar has written to Vice Chancellor of all universities to promote Regional language education in the higher education segment.

So here UGC chairman is promoting that all the books related to higher education must be prepare in Regional languages. So that student will be able to understand he will be able to study in their own language byitself. UGC chairman is continuously encouraging higher education institutions to teach in local language.

So as part of this move UGC is intend to launch undergraduate, as well as postgraduate courses. In theregional language is significant step towards promoting linguistic, diversity and inclusivity. So by offering these courses in Regional language, universities can also promote higher greater access to higher education.

Where more number ofstudent might get enrolled to such courses, where they will find it comfortable in learning in their own language. So MBA is one of the most opted postgraduate courses One of the popular courses in India and initial thoughts are already here regarding MBA courses in Regional and language in the even in the top-tier institutions like IIM as well. So you should not be surprised if you see more number of MBA students.

All University are going to launch their management courses very shortly and this is in line with the India’s national education policy which is launch in 2020 and it strongly emphasizes on promoting teaching and learning in Indian language itself. So policy emphasizes use of mother and in Regional language as a medium of instruction.

So there area lot of steps which need to be done in the curriculum or overall ecosystem associated with education. Where Education policy body need to recognize and create books in the regional language. Curriculum has to be developed accordingly, there might be minor tweaks in the curriculum based on Regional language inclusion and

education institutes should also promote student to enroll for the regional language higher education that will definitely help student in their understanding various concepts of higher education. Even in case of PICT has already allowed selected colleges to deliver courses in Regional languages. So far 39 colleges will be able to provide such courses in the regional language in the Indian context and more number of colleges are definitely going to in enroll for regional language B Tech courses.

Even in case of legal education that can be taught in 12 Indian languages by over 1,000 colleges by the start of next year. So by the start of next academic year, 202324 legal education in India is going tobe taught in more than 12 Indian languages. So that is definitely greater move by the bar Council of India which control legal education

Indian government as well as various education authorities are looking to promote Regional language and while doing the promotion in Regional language technology can play avery critical role where as aneducation institution. If you want to assess student in Regional language or any language during higher education aspect you should have a technology assessment platform which supports Regional language.

So if you take into consideration, Example of Eklavvya platform which is highly reputed platform which is used by large universities as well as private education institution across India to conduct academic exam, entrance exam, semester exams. There is facility available to conduct exam Includes Regional language.

So as a education institution, you should embrace such a platform which can encourage and have a facility of managing Regional language education as well. So it will definitely help education institution to keep themselves ready associated with regional language initiatives. So if you want to explore details about Regional language assessment or Regional language examination process you can certainly explore platforms, like Eklavvya.com Thank you.

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