Revolutionize Exams with AI: Introducing the Automatic Question Bank Generator for All Types of Assessments [Podcast]

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Are you tired of spending hours creating question banks for your exams? 

Look no further! New AI tool is here to revolutionize the way you prepare for assessments. With the ability to automatically generate objective, descriptive, coding, and other types of questions, this tool can be used for any kind of exam conducting. 

Say goodbye to the tedious task of question bank creation and hello to more time for teaching. Join us on our podcast as we explore the capabilities of this game-changing technology and hear from educators who have already implemented it in their classrooms. Don’t miss out on the future of exam preparation. Listen now!

Episode Transcript

Hello and welcome to today’s podcast episode. In this episode, we are going to discuss about very interesting Trend related to AI. So AI is already Making Waves across the world. It is getting adopted in various sectors, even in case of Education sector. There are alot of use cases, which are coming up, so there is one such use case which is related to Preparing or defining the question bank for examination management of Education.

So if you talk about today’s fast-paced world, conducting assessment and preparing question bank for online or pen and paper based exam can be a cumbersome task. It involves a lot of activity, starting with the subject matter expert.

So, subject, matter expert is a person who need to compile question bank based on subject topic, hierarchy and Pace counter difficulty level subject matter expert need to define those.

And then someone need to compile that question bank. And then, there is a process involved where someone need to take into consideration examination as syllabus or schema of exam. And based on that question, people need to be defined and it needs to be distributed at Exam Center. So if it is online exam that question paper need to be delivered in an online mode to the students.

So all those activities involve a lot of Manual work. So there are alot of Manual errors involved in defining the question bank or question paper for the examination activity. So imagine if you are conducting exam for thousands of subject, multiple subjects, topic, then it becomes difficult to do it. But now with the Advent of AI tools it is possible to automatically generate question bank for your assessment. So these AI tools can help you to generate question Bank based on input provided by the system.

In case of AI tool you not to provide various input like name of the subject name of the topic and then what is your target associated with question Bank? Whether you are preparing this question for management student or commerce students What is the age group or profile and syllabus. It should cover in this question bank.

AI system and then AI system will take into consideration all those factors and it will help you to generate question Bank objective questions, descriptive questions or multiple choice questions or paragraph based question any kind of questions can be generated by this system with high accuracy. So this will definitely help you to increase accuracy associated with question bank

So if you consider what are the steps. So, here are some of the key steps involved in online exam. Question Bank preparation. First step is, you need to Define subject and topic. So before, using AI tool, you need to define the subject along with its topic associated. With example, this will help AI to understand context of the question We need to generate.

So all those steps are available on online assessment platform, like, which is very helpful to generate question Bank, using AI. Next Step would be like, you can set the difficulty level associated with the question. What kind of difficulty you want to consider? Then you need to define the target audience. So target audience is like, for example, if exam is intended for management student,

Then AI tool will generate question, which are relevan the management student for step would be defined goal of the exam. So Goal of the exam is in the sense. What exactly that example is going to solve the purpose or what is the purpose of the examexample. The exam is related to academic exam or Entrance exam or recruitment exam or understanding communication skills of the student or understanding domain knowledge of the student.

What exactly is the purpose of exam that input to be should be provided to the AI? Next is format of the question so what sort of questions you want to generate using AI to in that input? You should provide to the AI tool and then you can definitely run the AI tool which will help you to generate question Bank as per your criteria and as per your requirement. So using Auto Question Bank creation process, you can accelerate question Bank creation, as well as exam pape  creation process.

So if you would like to understand more details about this automatic question Bank generation, using artificial intelligence, then you can visit website for free demonstration, and the actual best practices associated with this AI Thank you for listening to this podcast.


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