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Welcome to today’s episode of “The EdTech Revolution” where we explore the latest trends and tools in education technology. Today, we’re diving into the top 10 EdTech platforms that successful educators are using to enhance the learning experience for their students.

Are you tired of sifting through the countless EdTech options on the market? Look no further! We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the top 10 platforms that educators are raving about. From interactive whiteboards to virtual reality, these platforms are revolutionizing the way we teach and learn.

But it’s not just about the technology itself, it’s about how it’s being used. In this episode, we’ll hear from educators who have firsthand experience using these platforms in their classrooms. They’ll share their successes, challenges, and tips for getting the most out of each platform.

So, if you’re an educator looking to stay ahead of the curve and take your teaching to the next level, this episode is for you. Tune in now to discover the top 10 EdTech platforms for successful educators!

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Episode Transcript

Welcome to today’s podcasting. So today, we are going to have a discussion about 10 edtech tools which are very useful for educators. So education Technology is growing rapidly. There are quite a few tools that are coming up every day virtually but there are certain tools that will certainly help you to simplify your educational processes in 2023.

So let us dive into the top 10 tools, which can be very useful for your first tool, which I am To recommend Is Eklavvya LMS so which can help you to conduct live classes or training sessions for students or employees. So basically Eklavvya learning management system is a cloud-based online platform and it becomes very easy to conduct class sessions for candidates belonging to any location so it can help you to carry out various teaching, and learning activities.

In a better way which allows student engagement collaboration discussion Auto Attendance Management. So this platform also provides role-based access for teachers and students for Effective online learning. the second tool, which is very useful Is Google meet Google meet is one of the most used tools nowadays It can support free versions and can support participation up to 250 candidates which proves to be very helpful in conducting virtual classes. It can help you to create a dedicated meeting space in the virtual classroom where the teacher and Student can join and Carry Out teaching, learning activities,  daily basis.

Third tool, which is very useful for Education. Activities would be ePravesh. So is a online registration or admission platform which can help you to simplify automate student registration, student fee collection, student merit list generation, or short listing the student for admission process Generating merit list student can also upload their documents and make the payment, so it simplifies overall registration and administration hassles associated with education courses. ePravesh platform can be integrated with virtual any payment gateways. So, which will help you to collect payment using any of the payment gateways with credit card, debit card, netbanking UPI payments.

Another key tool, which is very helpful for conducting remote assessment or remote exams, is Eklavvya online assessment platform. So basically it is developed using various types of remote proctoring mechanism. It supports image, audio, video, proctoring as well as AI proctoring which helps you to completely eliminate chances of Cheating. So imagine if you are running a remote course, or online course, and if you want to conduct

Secure online exams for those remote candidates. Then online platforms like, which provide a 360-degree proctoring mechanism, which will help you to securely conduct the assessment of the students in an effective manner. Platform provides various facilities of a wide range of question banks, where you can upload objective descriptive voice based assessment video Based assessment questions case study based questions and the best part is that you can Get conduct exams in any language.

There is a facility available to conduct exams in multiple languages as well, so Eklavvya online assessment platform is also very useful if you want to simplify remote examination management.

Next tool, which is very useful Is Google Docs. So Google Docs, provide various facilities for preparing spreadsheet, or even presentations.

And it can act as acollaboration manner where you can prepare Google documents in the Google Docs and you can share it with specific batches. There is also a facility available to share in and read only mode or write mode.

Access can be also be provided to other teachers as well. So if you are preparing any kind of class notes review, Barring any kind of presentation related to particular subject, then you can easily share that presentation in and private mode with a group of students or group of batches quite easily. And best part is our Google Docs is available for free. So you can certainly opt for Google Docs as well.

Next key tool related to Educators would be Canva. Canva is very essential tool for graphic design and your photo gallery template. It provides wide variety of options of standard template, to prepare presentation corrosives, info graphic images.

So, if you want to explain students about particular topic, a particular subject, then you can opt for infographics, which will help students to understand various concepts. Canva also provides free tool as well as paid version of the tool where you can prepare very interactive, professional-looking, presentation info Graphics animation or short videos as well.

Next tool which is very useful. It’s Coursera. So Coursera offers benefit for both career wise as well as education wise, it provides lifetime access to it wide range of courses belong to every field and industry so  as a teacher you can upload courses on Coursera and which can be accessed by the students. This encourages self learning. It also helps to understand and retain knowledge in a better manner.

Next very interesting tool is Google Lens. So Google length is primary used to scan document or anything specific related to document. So if you want to understand about particular thing, you can easily scan it using Google lens, Google lens will identify the thing, and it would provide very useful information. So you can identify various things as by clicking the photo and providing that input to the Google lines. So it is also very useful tool for the Educators as well.

You can build curiosity among students by, when they start using tools, like Google lens, There are quite a few tools, which are very useful.

Another key tool, which is very useful for learning management system or recording videos is Screencast-O-Matic. So, it is a free online platform that can be used to record videos easily just by hitting the start recording button.

It helps Educators to record their lectures, provide flexibilities, to provide feedback to the students, as well as provide demonstration, Screencast-O-Matic also provides option for Features to add comments notes, highlight, important screens sentences. So it is very essential tool If you want to record your lectures, or if you want to pre-record your lectures and share that pre-recording with this class of students. So it is definitely must have tool for the Educators.

So in short, all those tools are very useful, very effective if you want to improve your educational processes or education, If you want to simplify education process and if you want to make education interactive and interesting for the students. So, to conclude, we will also share some more interesting education related Tools in our upcoming episodes. So please make sure you subscribe to our podcast.

So that whenever we are going to release new, such interesting episodes, you will be notified. Thank you for listening to this podcast.


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