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Welcome to our latest episode of “Unleashing the Power of AI in Education: A Roadmap for Success.” In this podcast, we dive deep into the future of AI in education and explore the latest tools and technologies that are revolutionizing the education landscape.

With the advent of AI, educators and institutions can now simplify the task of question paper generation, auto-evaluate descriptive answers, and even leverage AI for assessments. This game-changing technology has the potential to transform the way we teach and learn, empowering students and educators alike.

Join us as we delve into the latest trends and innovations in AI education, and discover how you can take advantage of these tools to unlock student potential and create a brighter future for all.

So, if you’re an educator, administrator, or student looking to stay ahead of the curve and unleash the power of AI in education, then this podcast is for you. Tune in now and start your journey towards a brighter future!

Episode Transcript

Hello and welcome today We are going to have very interesting discussion about adaption of AI in education. See if you check around news associated with AI adoption of AI, AI is everywhere. Especially if you consider chat GPT that is creating a lot of waves In this today’s world chat GPT  is getting adapted.

There is a fear of job losses because of chat GPT, even usage of chat GPT is getting banned in some of the universities because education institutions for fearing that it might result in loss of productivity or loss of creativity among the students.

But you need to understand that AI is the Future. AI is going to get adopted in multiple sectors and education sector is also going in AI adaption. So if you are part of Education institution, then you must understand that AI is going to be the future.

What are the tools and techniques, which can be adopted in the education sector. So let us get started. So let us try and understand what are the trends associated with AI. So adaption is certainly accelerated and it is definitely time to embrace AI technology in the education sector. So new tools are coming up so some of the tools are very useful for Personalized learning as it can help you to generate personalized feedback for the students.

There are AI tools for simplification of assessment, simplification of exam management. Even you can evaluate a descriptive answers using AI technology. Even you can use AI technology for question paper generation process because that is quite time consuming process. So now let us dive into what are the things coming up in the AI adoption of AI in case of Education sector.

So I think chat GPT, that is definitely creating the waves and let us discuss what exactly you can do With the help of chat GPT,  you can use as a personal assistant. So if you consider in case of Education sector, it can be used to create frequently asked questions or you can provide certain paragraph as an input and you can generate questions associated with that and it can be solved by the students.

So even student can use chat GPT to verify whether they have written a particular essay or particular writing whether it is grammatically correct or not or what are the mistakes present in case of their writing. So AI can be used by teachers for personal assistance. AI can help them to improve the context or delivery of the education as well as student can use, chat GPT  for improving their own performance They can get instant feedback about their work that they are doing related to Particular assignment or particular quiz.

 So definitely chat GPT can be used effectively in order to improve productivity in the education sector. Well let us dive into the use cases of AI in education sector. One of the key use case for Education, sector will be resolved in the queries of the prospective student or existing student using chatbots look chatbots can be integrated on the website even there are chatbots available for social networking sites or social networking tools like WhatsApp even Facebook.

 So you can embed, or integrate your chatbot with your social network as well as on your website. So that whenever students are going to have any query, it query can be related admission syllabus timetable. Those queries can be asked to the chatbot and chatbot will be able to help you to resolve those query on instant basis.

It will certainly help you to improve satisfaction of the existing student, as well as prospective student. It will help you to build a brand Where you are serving the students and your chatbot will be available 24×7, in order to resolve queries of the customers. There area lot of banking industry or various multinational.

Organizations have already embraced the chatbot in order to resolve the customers query related to banking credit and debit card. So if you visit any banking website, you can see the chatbot embedded in there. Similarly, you can use various Advanced chatbots in order to resolve Queries of the students, it will certainly help you to reduce down the burden associated with support personal, so, so that your telephone call or email communication related to resolving various queries of the students, as well as prospective student can be decreased.

So chatbot is an effective tool for simplifying, your admission process admission cycle as well as it can be used for resolving the day-to-day activities day-to-day queries associated with free payment, timetable of the particular stream class. So students will be able to get their responses instantly using a AI powered chatbots.

There is one more very interesting use case in case of adoption of AI would be Auto evaluation of descriptive answers. So if you take into consideration, various aspects related to evaluating the descriptive answers type by the student examiner need to read entire answer and then examiner need to analyze, it needs to be compared with the model answer and based on the topic that is covered by the candidate While typing the descriptive answer, examiner me to assign the mark. So it is very time-consuming process but AI technology can certainly help your auto descriptive version tools, like a Eklavvya, which can help you to automate and take answer sheet, evaluation or descriptive answer evaluation process on the fast track.

Where if you Have let’s say 10,000 students who have already typed the descriptive answers, your AI tool can help you to evaluate those descriptive answers in just a couple of hours length. So if you go in a traditional way, then you will require at least 40 to 50 examiner’s evaluating those 10,000 plus responses of the students. And it is quite a time-consuming task plus evaluation by examiner is biased process and it is also not 100% accurate but AI tool can help you to improve accuracy associated with descriptive answer evalution.

 It can certainly help you to declare results in time. And with high accuracy, there is very interesting, use case related to adoption of AI especially related to question Bank generation or examination paper generation. So if you take into consideration whenever you want to conduct exam, you need to take into consideration stream of the student batch of the student. And then syllabas associated with that exam, what kind of syllabus need to be taken into consideration while defining the question paper some other universities also have definite pattern for it.

So overall it is quite time consuming process for any examiner and education institutions typically rely on subject matter expert, to generate the question paper or question bank. But wait AI question Bank generator tool can certainly help you to simplify automate question paper generation. Based on the syllabus difficulty level as well as subject topic hierarchy combination as well.

So using AI question Bank generator You can accelerate generation of question Bank like multiple choice question descriptive Question, fill in the blanks or true or false type of question. Any kind of question you can easily generate using AI Question Bank generator process, there is a traditional method of conducting exam in the examination Hall where invigilator need to be present physically at at the exam center but wait, AI proctoring can eliminate those activities.

Now exam can be conducted from any location where candidate situated at any location can appear for remote Proctored AI monitored exam where candidates identity verification, facial recognition, entire browser activity, can be monitored using AI tool.

 So AI tool will help you to manage or conduct secure online, examination process. So lot of  education institutions especially those who are providing online certification courses, distance education courses or part-time courses are adopting for AI powered remote proctored examinations and they are quite successful in evaluating candidates abilities or their able to evaluate candidates using those remote exams.

So if you are looking forward for adoption of AI in examination process, then you must explore option of AI Remote Proctor examination process.

 Well, scrutinizing, the documents like marksheet, academic certificate, category Certificate, is a daunting task, during admission process. So imagine a scenario if you are conducting admission process and if you received thousands of application, so it is necessary to scrutinize document submitted by the student

Student, can submit document either in and physical copies or it can be simulated in an online mode, but verification is a must. But wait, now AI powered. Document verification tool. That is DocuExprt can easily help you to eliminate manual evaluation of all the copies of the document.

And it will also help you to improve accuracy associated with admission process where you will be able to scrutinize the admission documents with high accuracy because AI power technology like DocuExprt will process the document. It will read and extract the information from those document and it can also compare analyze the information so that you can verify accuracy associated with those admission documents and it will help you to generate accurate Merit list.

And you can process the admission of the respective students according to Merit. So DocuExprt.com is a AI power tool, which you must explore in order to simplify the document verification process of your admission process. So far, we are explore various tools which can help you to simplify assessment process question paper Generation process even Descriptive Answer evaluation process or tools like DocuExprt which can help you to simplify the document scrutiny.

So, while evaluating various AI powered tools for your education institution, you must consider various factors like it must be simple to use. It should be able to integrate itself with your existing system. So, API integration is a must for various AI tools so that you can seamlessly integrate AI Tools in your existing systems, like ERP or any CRM System.

While selecting AI tool you must consider it’s aspect associated with improving productivity. Apart from that it must be cost effective way to use that tool. So all those aspects are very critical while selecting the AI tool for your education institution or university. So AI in EdTech is definitely going to be the Future. Lot of new tools are coming up and all the advanced education institutions are quickly adopting those AI tools.

So if you would like to understand best practices associated with integrating, those AI tool, or if you would like to have a free demonstration of those AI tools then you can connect with others, we will be more than happy to share best practices associated with integration of those AI Tools in your educational processes. Thank you.


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