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IIM Lucknow Jumeira University East Africa University Gujarat University Tata Institute of Social Sciences University of Mumbai Tata Syngenta Zerodha Suzlon IIM Lucknow Jumeira University East Africa University Gujarat University Tata Institute of Social Sciences University of Mumbai Tata Syngenta Zerodha Suzlon

Lindo Paul

(AVP, Business) Zerodha Broking Ltd.

We’ve been able to evaluate better, conduct evaluations more frequently. Hiring and Employee evaluation process is so much more streamlined due to Eklavvya.

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Abhijeet Dasgupta

(Capability & Learning LEAD) India Syngenta.

The Eklavvya Assessment Tool Has Helped Us Streamline The Learning Experience Of Our Employees And Made Our Work Much Easier.

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Prof Mahanwar

(Director) Mumbai University.

Examinations of more than 500,000 students are conducted by Eklavvya platform with accuracy. The examinations were conducted in the most secure manner. It enabled us to declare results on time.

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Amit Sagar

Suzlon Global Services Limited.

Experience excellent service and support with Eklavvya Online Skill Assessment Partners. Their superior assessment features, efficient issue resolution, and technical ease make them our top choice.

With their support, we achieved over 95% participation and conducted exams for 3000+ employees across PAN India. Highly recommend for skill development.

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🚀Effortlessly Manage Online and Offline Exams with Advanced AI Technology

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Go Paperless & Simplify Your Admissions Today

🚀An Award-Winning Digital Admission & Fee Payment Platform

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Get Information & Insights from any digital documents

🚀SaaS API platform to Extract, Verify and Analyze information from any document with Artificial Intelligence

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Redefining Innovation and Excellence with AI

Eklavvya Remote Proctoring

AI Remote Proctoring - Eklavvya

Remote Assessments with Proctoring Services, AI-Driven Security and Malpractice Prevention, and Scale assessments to eliminate exam center infrastructure.

Online Assessment

Onscreen Marking - Eklavvya

Onscreen Marking to evaluate Answer sheets digitally to simplify moderation, result processing.

about epravesh

Digital Admissions Management - ePravesh®

Conduct the Entire Admission Process Digitally to reduce paperwork, get analytics for admission, and Fee Payments.


Learning Management System (LMS)

Simple , Cost Effective Learning Management System to adopt hybrid mode of education.

Online Assessment

Gen AI Based Assessments - Eklavvya

Digital Assessments with Artificial Intelligence for AI Interviewing, AI Case Study based Evaluation, AI Interactive Assessment

Online Assessment

AI Document Reader- DocuExprt

SAAS API Platform to Extract, Compare, Analyze Information form any Digital Document.

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Generative AI Assessment

AI Descriptive Answer Evaluation

AI Question Paper Generation

AI Proctoring

Embrace the Evolution of Assessments with Generative AI! 🤖

Transform the skills assessment landscape by incorporating personalized real-world scenarios and case studies.

Auto-Assess Your Online Descriptive Tests

Easy-to-use and powerful online descriptive testing platform that lets you create and auto-assess your tests.

Unleash the Power of AI and Say Goodbye to Manual Question Creation

Generate high-quality assessment questions in seconds for any topic

Eliminate Error from Proctoring Process with AI

Facial Recognition, AI Proctoring, Secure Browser, Screen Recording with advanced machine learning algorithms

Explore Articles and Details of AI Trends

The Impact of AI on Higher Education Learning and Teaching

The Impact of AI on Higher Education Learning and Teaching

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a buzzword but a reality in higher learning, defining a new frontier for educators and students.

Explore how AI Adoption in higher education is crafting customized academic journeys, delivering administrative agility, and equipping students for future professional landscapes, all through the lens of innovation and ethics.

Education technology trends for 2024 to watch out

Welcome to the future of education! As we step into 2024, educational technology (EdTech) is not just evolving; it’s revolutionizing the way we learn.

From the rise of Generative AI in assessments to the adoption of AI in question bank management, the future is full of innovation.

Explore the top 9 EdTech trends that are not just reshaping, but reimagining the learning experience.

Education technology trends for 2024 to watch out
AI Interviews: The Future of Recruitment

AI Interviews: The Future of Recruitment

Job interviews have always been a daunting task to navigate. However, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing this vital part of the hiring process.

AI interview techniques are not only improving efficiency but also adding a level of objectivity to candidate evaluations. This progress marks a significant and exciting change in the recruitment field.

Unlock the secrets of AI interviews and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of recruitment. 🚀 Learn the future of hiring with our expertise. Get ready to simplify the interview process using advanced AI technology!

The Future of Exams: How Generative AI is Revolutionizing Assessments

Have you ever wondered about the shortcomings of conventional exams?

Traditional assessments focuses on definitions, memorization. It falls short in evaluating practical skills, adaptability, or even offering tailored feedback.

Discover how generative AI is transforming the way we take exams and revolutionizing assessments for the future.

The Future of Exams How Generative AI is Revolutionizing Assessments
AI Descriptive Answer Evaluation

How AI can perform Auto-Evaluation of Descriptive Answers?

Evaluating descriptive answers is a daunting task for many educators, especially when dealing with 10,000-20,000 student-typed responses.

This requires numerous examiners to painstakingly read through lengthy answers and allocate marks, consuming significant time and manpower.

With AI-integrated descriptive answer evaluation systems, it is possible to automate the evaluation of descriptive answers.

Generate Question Paper Instantly for any Topic using AI

Manual question paper generation is a tedious task, requiring a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail.

The process involves going through a vast collection of questions, sorting them by subject and topic, determining their level of difficulty, and deciding on a suitable distribution of marks.

With the advent of AI technology, this task has become much easier and more efficient. AI tool designed specifically for generating question papers; provides a streamlined and automated solution for this process.

Generate Question Paper Instantly For Any Topic Using AI

Seamlessly Integrate
AI Platforms

Seamless Integration
  • Seamless Integration with your ERP, CRM, LMS, Moodle.
  • Rest API for Single Sign-on and Data Integration.
  • Successfully integrated with many Educational and Corporate Systems.

Advanced AI, Facial Recognition, Video Analytics

Advanced AI Proctoring
  • AI for Auto Proctoring and Exam Invigilation.
  • Advanced Facial Recognition and Cheating Detection.
  • Auto Descriptive Exam Evaluation using AI and Machine Learning Algorithms.

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Onscreen Evaluation to Transform Student and Faculty Performance Tracking! 🚀🔍

The traditional process of evaluating answer sheets has long been plagued by limitations. Explore this new age technology of Onscreen Evaluation.

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How Eklavvya enabled Leading University to improve its Evaluation Process

Explore how NMIMS has opted for Eklavvya’s Onscreen Evaluation System, which has greatly revolutionized how they evaluate their students’ answer sheets.
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Future of Hiring: Skills over Academics

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and with it, corporate competency and skill requirements are constantly evolving. Many companies are turning to skill-based hiring processes.
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360-Degree Proctoring: The Future of Secure Remote Exams

In this article, we will explore the world of remote assessments and introduce you to innovative technologies such as Remote Proctoring, AI proctoring, and 360-degree proctoring.
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AI Edtech Tools

31 Incredible AI Tools for Education You Must Try

Discover 31 cutting-edge AI-integrated EdTech tools 🤖💻 that are set to revolutionize how we learn in 2024. Prepare for the future of education now!
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Item Bank Management: A Time-Saving Solution for Question Paper Creation

Item bank software can help to facilitate the question paper review, editing, tracking, and management of assessment materials.
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  • Hosted in a secure cloud environment with an auto-scale facility.
  • Ability to scale system to serve millions of users concurrently.


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