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The manual process of question bank management and Exams was a tedious task for us.

With Splashgain ,we are able to streamline question bank authoring and question paper generation. it is flexible, secure, and customizable.

I would recommend it for simplification of question bank management of examination authorities.

Mr.Mokhitli Peter Khoabane

CEO Examination Council of Lesotho(ECOL)

Mr.Mokhitli Peter Khoabane

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Online Assessment

Online Assessments - Eklavvya

Digital Assessments with Artificial Intelligence for Candidate Authentication and Authorization with Objective, Descriptive, Voice, Video, Coding Assessments.

Onscreen Marking

Onscreen Marking - Eklavvya

Onscreen Marking to evaluate Answer sheets digitally to simplify moderation, result processing

Digital Admissions Management

Digital Admissions Management - ePravesh®

Conduct the Entire Admission Process Digitally to reduce paperwork, get analytics for admission, and Fee Payments.

AI Remote Proctoring

AI Remote Proctoring - Eklavvya

Remote Assessments with Proctoring Services, AI-Driven Security and Malpractice Prevention, and Scale assessments to eliminate exam center infrastructure.

Digital Admissions Management

Learning Management System (LMS)

Simple , Cost Effective Learning Management System to adopt hybrid mode of education

Our result processing, and examiner checking process were scattered. Splashgain helped us to streamline it using the online answer sheet checking process.

Now we are able to evaluate more than 100,000 answer sheets in each session. Our result processing has improved drastically due to Splashgain.

Prof Madhushree Sekher

Dean – School Of Vocational Education Tata Institute Of Social Sciences

Madhushree Sekher

Scalable technology

Hosted in a secure cloud environment with an auto-scale facility.

You do not have to worry about a large number of users appearing for online assessments, online registration, etc.

Ability to scale system to serve millions of users concurrently.

Scalable Technology


All platforms have been audited/ verified for security in terms of information, authentication, data encryption, and validations.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for Information Security Management System


Highly rated by our clients for the performance of our applications in terms of availability, speed, and efficiency.

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AI-powered Remote Proctoring to detect and prevent cheating during Online Exams

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Facial Recognition of Candidate Attempting Exam

Exam Malpractice Prevention

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Effective way to manage Voice Assessments or Remote Interviews

Technology  to conduct large-scale Voice Assessments or Remote Interviews

Remote Interviews
Online Coding Test Environemnt

Effective way to assess coding skill of the candidate

Evaluate the candidate’s ability to write logical code. Filter out suitable candidates with coding/ programming skills.

Explore simple and easy-to-use coding assessment features.

Steps to conduct proctored online exams on moodle

Moodle is a widely adopted learning management system, It is available under an open-source license and can be accessed through any device which is connected to the internet. No wonder Moodle has whopping 309,000,000 users which are enrolled in 40,000,000+ courses worldwide. 

You can easily conduct video proctored exams in moodle with the Eklavvya plugin.

Proctored online exams on moodle

Seamlessly Integrate
EdTech Platforms

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration with your ERP, CRM, LMS, Moodle

REST API for Single Sign-on and Data Integration

Successfully integrated with many Educational and Corporate Systems

Advanced AI, Facial Recognition, Video Analytics

Advanced AI Proctoring

AI for Auto Proctoring and Exam Invigilation

Advanced Facial Recognition and Cheating Detection

Auto Descriptive Exam Evaluation using AI and Machine Learning algorithms

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Examinations of more than 500,000 students are conducted by Eklavvya platform with accuracy.

The examinations were conducted in the most secure manner. It enabled us to declare results on time.

Prof Mahanwar
Mumbai University(Director)

Prof Mahanwar

We’ve been able to evaluate better, conduct evaluations more frequently.

Hiring and Employee evaluation process is so much more streamlined due to Eklavvya.

Lindo Paul
AVP, Business, Zerodha Broking Ltd

Lindo Paul

We, at East Africa University, with seven scattered branches, had to suddenly shift our examination to online because of a new government policy.

Technologically, we were not ready for such unexpected instructions to move to an online examination. However, we found Eklavvya, which came from the blue moon, to fit our needs

Prof Abdisalam M Issa-Salwe
East Africa University

East Africa University

very happy with Eklavvya – great customization, user-friendly, and cost-effective. They were deployed quickly and the team is always positive and ready to help.

Switched to Eklavvya for better technology and processes. Highly recommend!

Mr. Ashish Apte
Controller of examination (NMIMS university)

Ashish Apte


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