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Onscreen Marking Solution

Onscreen Evaluation System is trusted by large institutes and Universities. It provided a turn-key service and is appreciated by customers . System adoption resulted in 60% to 80% savings in cost and processed results in less than 7 days

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Learning Management System

The One Stop Solution For Providing All Your Distance Education Needs With Absolutely No Compromise On Ease, Efficiency, Or Quality. Explore Best Practices of Learning Management System

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Remote Proctoring to Manage Secure Online Exam

Online Examination is becoming an essential method to assess candidates across various domains including education, recruitment, employee training, and entrance examinations.

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AI Powered Descriptive Answer Evaluation

AI speeds up the answer evaluation process, aiding teachers in sorting through descriptive responses efficiently.

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15 ways to Assess Candidate Skills Before Hiring

Implement a targeted recruitment approach that emphasizes evaluating candidates based on their job-specific skills and abilities, aligning with the specific requirements of the position.

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Digital Evaluation of Answer Sheet

Eklavvya has simplified the entire process of answer sheet evaluation. It includes many different features such as answer sheet scanning and storage, evaluation dashboard, analytics, and reporting to measure performance.

Tips to manage Employability of Student ebook splashgain

Tips to manage Employability of Student

The employability of college graduates has been a major concern across many education institutes. Education institutes and universities can take some proactive steps to enhance the employability of students.

7 Ways to Simplify Skill Assessments for Your Organization ebook splashgain

7 Ways to Simplify Skill Assessments for Your Organization

Technology can help reduce bias and the subjective assessment process. Technology can help you to simplify the skill assessment process on a larger scale.

39 EdTech Platforms for Successful Educators ebook splashgain

Top 39 EdTech Platforms for Successful Educators [2023]

These EdTech tools ensure that the online education delivery is carried out flawlessly. These tools are indeed proving helpful for educational institutions

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6 ways to secure Online Exam Process

Six strategies or measures that can be implemented to ensure the security and integrity of online exams.

6 Tools to Transform Examination Management

6 Tools to Transform Examination Management

To improve the examination management process, there are several tools and technologies available. These tools can assist in streamlining the process, reducing errors, and improving overall efficiency.

viva oral ebook

Conduct Viva/Oral Exam

Voice assessments or oral tests involve candidates being presented with a carefully designed set of questions in a fixed order for examination.

viva oral ebook

Online vs Offline examination: Which One is a Good Choice?

Explore the differences between online and offline exams in this comparative overview. Discover the convenience and flexibility of online assessments.

Performance Tracking with Onscreen Evaluation Analytics ebook

Performance Tracking with Onscreen Evaluation Analytics

We’ll explore the benefits of on-screen evaluation analytics and how they contribute to measuring student performance, faculty effectiveness, and evaluation efficiency.

viva oral ebook

Defining Coding Assessment: An Informative Guide

In this eBook, we will explore modern Coding Assessment Technologies that can benefit various industries and educational institutions in selecting the best talent.

viva oral ebook

Online Subjective Exam

This eBook will explore effective strategies for handling such subjective exams with advanced technology.

viva oral ebook

Unveiling the Power of 360-Degree Proctoring eBook

Discover the future of secure online exams with 360-Degree Proctoring! Dive into this eBook to learn how cutting-edge technology is transforming remote invigilation.


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