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Dr. Chandra Shekhar Singh
Secretary, State Board of Technical Education, Bihar, Patna.

“We utilized the Docuexprt platform during the admission process of Diploma Courses. This software has been instrumental in verifying and extracting data from PDF and JPEG files, meeting the requirements of our admission department for data validation.

We endorse the use of Docuexprt for data validation and document scrutiny to streamline the validation process of academic credentials. Looking forward to working with Docuexprt in the future as well.”

Centralized Admission Committee
Maharashtra Council of Agricultural Education and Research

DocuExprt has Helped us to simplify the Scrutiny of admission documents with high accuracy. Now we are able to verify thousands of educational documents without any human intervention.
DocuExprt is one of the top document reading software to automate information extraction using predefined patterns.

Features of AI Document Reader DocuExprt

live lectures

API Call to Scan Document

Document Authenticity using AI

Document Authenticity using AI

Document Analysis

Document Information Analytics


Custom Document Template Library

Auto-tagging of Tags in Document

Auto-tagging of Tags in Document

Simplified attendance management

Automate Application Validation

Video call Interview

Compare Information

Document Search

Searchable Document Facility

User Management

User Management


Accelerated Verification and Insights

Scan and Extract Information from any Document

LMS Analysis

Voter ID Card

Social Security Card

PAN Card

Govt ID

Aadhar Card


Academic Certificate



Platform for auto document Verification with AI

Advanced technology, powered by AI, that can automatically read and extract information from scanned documents like report cards, diplomas, government IDs, and category certificates. This speeds up and makes document verification more accurate.

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Integrating AI Document Readers into Your Workflow: A Guide for Educational Institutions

In the rapidly evolving educational sector, leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and productivity is more crucial than ever. As an educational institute, managing thousands of documents is par of the course, particularly during admissions season.

It is crucial to meticulously examine every admission document—category certificates, caste certificates, and mark sheets—to confirm students’ eligibility. Additionally, institutes must handle other documentation such as academic certificates, validation processes, and compliance documents.

AI Document Reader

Simplifying the Process of Verifying Academic Documents at the Bihar State Board of Technical Education with DocuExprt

To overcome the challenges of manual document verification, SBTE Bihar adopted technology, with a special emphasis on using Docuexprt to automate and improve the efficiency of their document checking processes.

Advanced Tool for Document Verification Automation in Manufacturing: Unlocking Efficiency and Accuracy 🔍✅

There is indeed an AI-powered software available that is capable of extracting data from documents and performing verification. This software can extract information from documents and determine whether they meet predefined criteria.

Its applications extend beyond automating industrial manufacturing processes, providing assistance in various other areas as well.

Say Goodbye to Manual Verification: AI Document Reader for Admissions 🔍📝

Have you ever experienced the burden of dealing with the monotonous document verification procedure during admissions? The process of verifying documents still relies on manual methods.

In light of significant technological progress, it is now opportune to automate the document verification process, aiming not only to streamline the processing but also to achieve swifter and more precise verification results.


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