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How Government-Led Exams at 250+ Locations Are Setting New Standards of Integrity

How Government-Led Exams at 250+ Locations are setting New Standards of Integrity

This case study explores how a central government authority successfully managed secure, efficient, and scalable educational examinations using Eklavvya’s technology to administer high-stakes certification and short-term course exams across over 250 locations.

Transforming Central Govt. Exams Evaluation: How Onscreen Marking is Leading the Charge

A government authority typically conducts bi-annual exams and evaluates over 5,00,000 answer sheets within 30 to 40 days to release timely results. Manually checking these papers was difficult as it required examiners from across India to convene at a central location, complicating coordination and quality assurance.

This case study explores how the authority enhanced their evaluation process using Eklavvya.

Transforming Central Govt. Exams Evaluation with Onscreen Marking
Employee Assessment using Eklavvya

Streamlining Academic Document Verification with DocuExprt at the State Board of Technical Education, Bihar

The admission process often experiences delays as a result of manual document validation. Let’s investigate how the State Board of Technical Education has effectively addressed this issue through the integration of DocuExprt.

Dev Bhoomi University’s Advancement with Onscreen Marking Platform

The traditional method of evaluating answer sheets was labor-intensive and time-consuming, and securely storing these sheets posed logistical challenges.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient assessment process, Dev Bhoomi University implemented the Eklavvya Onscreen Marking System. This technology-driven solution brought about a remarkable transformation in how answer sheets were evaluated.

Employee Assessment using Eklavvya
Employee Assessment using Eklavvya

Simplifying the Evaluation Process at Sharda University Through Onscreen Marking [Case Study]

Sharda University’s adoption of the Eklavvya Onscreen Marking System highlights its commitment to excellence and innovation. This shift has not only streamlined the assessment process but has also set a benchmark for other educational institutions to follow.

How Eklavvya enabled Leading University to improve its Evaluation Process

NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies) is one of the top B Schools in India, known for its excellence in management education.

NMIMS has opted for Eklavvya’s Onscreen Evaluation System, which has greatly revolutionized how they evaluate their students’ answer sheets.

Employee Assessment using Eklavvya
Employee Assessment using Eklavvya

How WeSchool adopted digital model for exams and evaluation

Eklavvya is a platform that has helped We School to streamline examination process for distance education and full-time/part-time courses.

Our proctored exams for various academic courses are now simplified with accurate, on-time result processing for Dadar and Bangalore campuses.

5 key features that helped in conduction examinations for working professionals

Explore how leading organizations are adopting online assessments to engage, assess, train employees as a part of continuous learning process to stay ahead.

Employee Assessment using Eklavvya
Employee Assessment using Eklavvya

A Highly reputed global food chain streamlined employee assesement process

With thousands of franchises across the world, it was necessary for the company to maintain the quality and standards of all the franchises to global standards. With Eklavvya, the assessments could be conducted in a timely manner for all employees across the globe.

The quality-related training used to get assigned to all the employees across the globe, after completion of training; the employees could appear for the post-training assessment as per their time convenience.

Proven roadmap to handle large question banks

A digital question bank management system is key for universities that offer a large number of courses.

Each course can contain hundreds of subjects and topics, making it difficult to manage without a system in place.

Employee Assessment using Eklavvya
Employee Assessment using Eklavvya

Multinational Sports company Streamlined Employee Assessment Using Eklavvya

Multinational company specialized on Sports equipments and jurseys wanted to simplify assessment process.

Employees were located at multiple locations and company wanted to have standardization of evaluation process of the employees. Company approached Eklavvya to achieve this goal.

Reputed autonomous Institute has streamlined academic exams

The examination process is one of the important academic processes to evaluate student performance. Technology adoption enables improved processes for question bank management, question paper generation, and security assessments.

Explore how the leading Institute is adopting technology to simplify the assessment process…

Reputed automonous institute has streamlined academic exams
Largest Stock broking company

India’s largest stock broking company has simplified employee assessments with Splashgain Platform-Eklavvya


The organization wanted to conduct the assessment for its employees every month and provide the certification on the basis of these tests.

As the tests were crucial for the continuous growth of the company, tests needed to be conducted in a secure mode. Along with the Employee knowledge assessment, the company also wanted to conduct tests for hiring fresh talent.

How a leading fintech company simplified the Campus Hiring process using Eklavvya

The ways of recruiting are changing rapidly owing to the cutting-edge advantages of technology over the traditional methods of hiring.

Considering the higher requirement for human resources and a large number of applicants, It is hard to efficiently screen the candidates and choose the best candidate for the job role.

Explore how leading organizations are adopting technology to simplify the campus hiring process…

Campus hiring process using eklavvya
Leading university of asia

The leading university of Asia has successfully adopted the Eklavvya platform for academic assessments

Technology adoption for universities has increased substantially during the social distancing era. It has provided new technology avenues and methods to conduct examinations or assessment processes.

Eklavvya platform has been adopted in many countries by leading Govt and Private universities having lacs of students. Here is one of the success stories of online assessment implementation using the Eklavvya platform.

Leading Vocational Institute of India Automated Exam Process

The institution wanted to keep the exam process secure and reliable, there were a large number of students who were enrolled in the vocational courses, these students were located across the country, and the students were not tech-savvy and were not having high-end infrastructure for appearing in the online examination.

Vocational Institute
Splashgain helped reputed school

Splashgain helped reputed schools conduct online assessments.

Here is a case study of one of the largest school chains which implemented the Eklavvya platform to streamline their online exams.

Success Story of Institution using Remote Proctoring to simplify Entrance Exam

Association of Spine Surgeons India has successfully conducted an online test for the medical representatives/ doctors across multiple locations using eklavvya platform. Platform authenticated remote candidates using a photo capture facility.

Remote proctoring to simplify entrance exam
Simplified hiring process

Reputed Bank from Nepal simplified Hiring Process

One of the major banks from Nepal wanted to hire candidates for a job role, it was crucial for the bank to complete the hiring process within a short time, and the bank received around 13000 applications for various job roles.

It was challenging for the bank to screen such a large number of candidates and select the best candidate.


Successful Online Examination conducted by one of India’s Top Universities

The Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) is the second-largest university in India in terms of student enrollment.

University had implemented digital registration and a centre-based online exam process for the students across 40 districts.

University was able to save the substantial cost of administration and the overall online exam process was simplified with quick result processing….

Successful online examination
Question Paper Generation

Online Question Paper Generation Implementation by India’s top Medical University

With the use of technology, the paper setter can select an examination pattern and based on the examination pattern system select random questions from the question bank defined with attributes including subject, topic, and subtopic.

Check out some of the success stories of Online Examination Process implementation by reputed organizations and universities

Explore best practices and successful implementation of online assessments by reputed institutions to get started with your strategy for the online exam process.

Success stories of online examination process
Success stories of admission and fee collection process

Check out some of the success stories of Online Admission & Fee Collection Process implementation by reputed organisations and universities

Explore best practices and successful implementation of the online admission process by reputed institutions to get started with your strategy for the digital admission process…

SP College Streamlined Exam Process Using Online Exam Technology

We, at S.P College, Pune are using Eklavvya for conducting online proctored examinations. Till now, we have successfully conducted various CIE and SEE examinations for different subjects under the faculty of Arts, Science, Commerce, Computer Science and BBA, UG and PG for the last two years.

SP college streamlined exam process
Online proctored exams

An Artificial Intelligence University conducted Online Proctored Exams

Eklavvya supported the use of complex mathematical formulae in the system, Eklavvya comes with the integration of LaTex, using which it is easy to import highly complex mathematical formulae in the question, apart from this, such questions which were already available in the word format could be directly used as a question by making their images.

A Leading Sports Company Conducted Employee Assessments Using Eklavvya

With Eklavvya, it is possible to import employee data of thousands of employees for assessment with a single click using the API framework, similarly, thousands of questions can be imported into the system and assessment can be assigned in bulk.

leading sports company conducted employee assessment


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