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Onscreen Marking System to evaluate Answer Papers and Intelligent Result Processing

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Process of Onscreen Marking Solution.

Best Practices of Onscreen Marking Process

Physical evaluation of answer sheets is a very time-consuming process. Institutes have to spend a lot of time to evaluate the answer sheets to process results. The Onscreen Evaluation System is our answer to this challenge!

Our Onscreen Evaluation System helps you to generate results in just 8 days after the examination! Not only do we help you save time but also all costs associated with logistics, travel and more! Save more than 80% of the time during the evaluation of answer sheets with our product! Examiners can evaluate answer sheets from any location in a secure manner.

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Explore some of the advantages of Onscreen Evaluation System to help simplification of answer sheet evaluation and result processing for the education institute or university.

It provides many benefits including quick evaluation, simplified moderation, quick re checking, quick result processing and reduction in errors

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This video explains 5 key mistakes you should be avoiding in order to successfully implement onscreen evaluation system for education institute or university.

Onscreen evaluation system is large scale implementation where it would impact its stakeholders like moderators, examiners , registrar, students.If you avoid those key mistakes mentioned in video then you would succeed in onscreen evaluation process.

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Explore this video to know how moderation, answer sheet re checking can be simplified using onscreen evaluation system implementation.

Do you want to simplify answer sheet evaluation process? There might be cases where section A of the answer sheet need to be evaluated by examiner A or section B has to be evaluated by another examiner.

Explore key things why you should implement onscreen evaluation system for answer sheet evaluation process.

If you consider manual examination paper checking system ,lot of physical handling of the answer sheets is involved, but using technology, you can simplify overall result generation process and you will be able to generate result in a quick time.