Eklavvya Onscreen Marking Solution

Evaluate Answer Papers with Intelligent Result Processing

Eklavvya Onscreen Marking Solution

Our result processing, and examiner checking process were scattered. Eklavvya helped us to streamline it using the online answer sheet checking process.

Now we are able to evaluate more than 100,000 answer sheets in each session. Our result processing has improved drastically due to Eklavvya.

Prof Madhushree Sekher

Dean – School Of Vocational Education Tata Institute Of Social Sciences

What is Onscreen marking ?

Simplify Answer Sheet Evaluation

Share Evaluated Answer Script with Students

Easy to manage Moderation and Result Processing

Reduce the time required to publish exam results with high accuracy

Explore features to Get Started

Patented Technology for security

Patented Technology for Security

Ensuring that security of answer sheet and evaluation process is audited and monitored

Scanning Answer Sheets

Scanning Answer Sheets

High Speed Non destructive  Scanning to convert physical answer sheets to digital format

Remove Location Constraint for Examiners

Remove Location Constraint for Examiners

Examiner can evaluate answer sheet from any location to remove logistical constraints

Evaluate Answer Sheets Digitally

Evaluate Answer sheets Digitally

Digital Evaluation of Answer sheets

Simplified Moderation Process

Simplified Moderation Process

Moderation of Answer Paper is simplified

Quick Result Processing

Quick Result Processing

Instantly Generate results after evaluation, Directly export data to your Marksheet generation system

Trusted by Leading Universities and Institutes

D Y Patil

Using Eklavvya to Manage Answer Sheet Checking for all Higher Education Courses

Raichur University

Cost Effective Answer Sheet Evaluation by Remote Examiners with Security

Bharati Vidyapeeth

Simplified Distance Education Answer Script Evaluation with Onscreen marking and Result Processing

Bhagwan Mahaveer University

Simplified Online Answer Script Checking with seamless API integration with ERP


Integrated Eklavvya Onscreen marking with ERP System for Seamless Answer Sheet Checking and Result Generation

Ayurved University Gujarat

Generated Results within 8 days after exams with simplified answer sheet checking

Physical evaluation of answer sheets is a very time-consuming process. Institutes have to spend a lot of time to evaluate the answer sheets to process results. The Onscreen Evaluation System is our answer to this challenge!

Our Onscreen Evaluation System helps you to generate results in just 8 days after the examination! Not only do we help you save time but also all costs associated with logistics, travel, and more! Save more than 80% of the time during the evaluation of answer sheets with our product! Examiners can evaluate answer sheets from any location in a secure manner.

Explore some of the advantages of the Onscreen Evaluation System to help simplification of answer sheet evaluation and result processing for the educational institute or university.

It provides many benefits including quick evaluation, simplified moderation, quick re-checking, quick result processing and reduction in errors

This video explains 5 key mistakes you should be avoiding in order to successfully implement an onscreen evaluation system for education institute or university.

The onscreen evaluation system is a large scale implementation where it would impact its stakeholders like moderators, examiners, registrar, students. If you avoid those key mistakes mentioned in the video then you would succeed in the onscreen evaluation process.

Explore this video to know how moderation, answer sheet rechecking can be simplified using onscreen evaluation system implementation.

Do you want to simplify the answer sheet evaluation process? There might be cases where section A of the answer sheet need to be evaluated by examiner A or section B has to be evaluated by another examiner.

6 key entities for successful digital evaluation of the answer sheet

Answer sheet evaluation is a critical task to complete the result processing activity of an educational institute. By adopting technology and integrating it with the answer sheet evaluation, the whole process can be simplified. Examiners, moderators, and registrars are involved in order to complete the activity of the answer sheet evaluation process.

In this article, we will discuss some of the key entities which are essential for the successful implementation of the digital answer sheet evaluation process.

How Traditional Answer sheet evaluation Process can be improved

The traditional answer sheet evaluation process has many activities to be completed in order to declare the result. Check out the below steps to simplify the answer script evaluation.

The onscreen evaluation process has definitely made things simpler and more efficient when it comes to generating results.

Eklavvya is most definitely our go-to EdTech partner for all examination management-related technologies.

Their assistance, support, and technical expertise have been incredible and we’re really happy with the progress we’ve made thanks to them.

Dr. Arjun Ghatule
Controller of Examination
Welingkar Education Group
Dr. Arjun Ghatule

The Eklavvya assessment tool has helped us streamline the learning experience of our employees and made our work much easier.

Abhijeet Dasgupta
Capability & Learning LEAD, India Syngenta

Abhijeet Dasgupta

Very happy with Eklavvya – great customization, user-friendly, and cost-effective. They were deployed quickly and the team is always positive and ready to help.

Switched to Eklavvya for better technology and processes. Highly recommend!

Mr. Ashish Apte
controller of examination (nMIMS University)

Ashish Apte

Process of Onscreen Marking Solution


Answer Sheet Scanning

Answer sheets are scanned using high speed scanners with identity masking process


Examiner Mapping to Answer Sheet

Each Examiners are Assigned to evaluate certain answer sheets of subject, stream


Moderator Assignment

Moderators can evaluate answer sheets checked by examiners


Result Processing

Results are processed as per criteria defined by institute/ university


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