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Prof Madhushree Sekher

Dean – School Of Vocational Education Tata Institute Of Social Sciences

Our Question Bank and Exam Paper Generation process was scattered. Eklavvya helped us to streamline it using the online Question Paper Generation System.
Now, we are able to generate question papers according to syllabus at just a click of a button with high security.

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Why Automatic Question Paper Generation?

Designing a set of questions for a Exam takes a lot of time and requires a lot of hard work by the staff.

With the help of Question Paper Generation Software this work can be done in a more effortless manner.

Technology can help you generate different sets of question paper for the Exams with Ease.

AI Question Generator

3 Easy Steps to Generate Question Paper Automatically

Step 1: Import the questions in the system:- Import multiple questions like MCQ, Subjective, Match the pairs, Fill in the blanks, Programming questions, of varying difficulty levels.

Step 2: Check the question bank analytics:- The questions get automatically sorted based on the question type, subject, topic, difficulty levels and marks per question.

Step 3: Create a question paper:- Once you know what kinds of questions are available in the system, you can start question paper generation.

Involve Experts in Specific Subjects with Users Role

Create Different User Roles to Involve subject experts to handle large scale exams and question paper of different subjects

In Eklavvya you can create users with different users role to create subjects, topics and import the questions in the system.

These users can only see questions related to their assigned subject, which ensures that the question paper creation process is secure and dependable, with no risk of question leakage.

Understanding Randomization Function in Creating an Exam Paper with a Scenario

Imagine you have a question bank with 250 questions, each categorized by subject, topic, marks, difficulty, and type.

  • 25 easy questions
  • 15 moderately difficult questions
  • 10 difficult questions

To achieve this, you utilize a randomization function in your Eklavvya system, ensuring the paper’s difficulty level adheres to your specifications.

This approach allows for the creation of diverse and fair exam papers, maintaining the desired subject and difficulty balance.

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Scalable technology

1- Hosted in a secure cloud environment with an auto-scale facility.

2- You do not have to worry about a large number of users appearing for online assessments, online registration, etc.

3- Ability to scale system to serve millions of users concurrently.


Effortless Question Paper Generation.

Very happy with Eklavvya – great customization, user-friendly, and cost-effective. Deployed quickly and the team is always positive and ready to help.

MR. Ashish Apte
Controller of Examination (NMIMS University)

The team Splashgain went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were met and my questions were answered promptly. The communication was flawless, keeping me informed at every step of the process.

Dr. Ajay Pethe
Head- Admission Cell (Datta Meghe Institute of Higher Education & Research)

Examinations with an evaluation of more than 500,000 students were conducted by the Eklavvya platform with accuracy.

Prof Mahanwar
Mumbai University Director

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