Manage Remote Invigilation of Candidate using Intelligent Photo Capturing , Video Streaming  during Online Exams with cheating detection using machine learning

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Conducting online exams across multiple locations can be challenging. Do you want to simplify the online examination process for candidates at multiple locations? Do you Want to prevent cheating during online exams? Our Remote Proctoring platform is here for you to get started.

Remote proctoring can authenticate and monitor remote candidates during exams. The system can help you prevent cheating during online exams.You can save a lot of cost by eliminating the need for multiple exam centres!

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This video would explain why you should opt for Proctored Exam System while conducting online exam process. Explore advantages and best practices of managing online exam with remote proctoring technology.

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Do you want to conduct online exams for Remote Candidates ? Remote proctoring is the technology which can help to simplify online exams to be conducted across multiple cities or locations with ease.

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Explore successful implementation of Remote Proctoring by one of the leading Management Education Institutions of India to conduct online entrance exam for remote candidates.

Candidates appeared for entrance exam from their own preferred location with remote proctoring helped to manage security aspect and prevention of cheating during online exam process.

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Get to know how you can securely manage your Online Exams with the help of Image-Based Remote Proctoring and Video-Based Remote Proctoring. Do you want to conduct an online assessment for the remote candidate located across multiple locations? Do you want to ensure that there is the highest form of security associated with online exams?

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Adoption of online exams across education institutes, corporate entities is increasing. Conducting an online exam with the help of technology is a simple task. However, security associated with the online exam is posing a challenge for the administrators.

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Explore how you can simplify educational academic exams with remote proctoring in Corona Virus or COVID19 spreading environment.

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AI-Powered Remote proctoring is the need for the hour in the current era of social distancing to manage secure online exams. Remote Proctoring based Online Exams could be the most prominent solution to all the exam process-related problems of the educational system.

Conducting exams during this pandemic around is becoming very very difficult. As an educational institute, one needs to ensure that the exam process is conducted under a secured and monitored environment. With the help of various proctoring mechanisms such as video-based proctoring, image-based proctoring, and audio-based proctoring; an end to end security for the examination process can be assured.

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Eklavvya platform provides you the option to conduct online exams on a mobile phone of the student. While the student is attempting an online exam on a mobile phone, the camera of the phone continuously streams activity / face of the user to exam proctor.

Exam proctor can ensure that candidate is not using any means or taking help from books, notebooks, or talking to another person while the exam is happening.