Remote Proctoring

Manage Remote Invigilation of Candidate using Intelligent Photo Capturing , Video Streaming / Recording during Online Exams with cheating detection using machine learning


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Monitor Live Streaming, Recording of Candidate

Remote Proctoring helps to capture images and video streaming of online exam candidate

Candidate Authentication Process

Authenticate Remote candidate with intelligent image verification

Live Chat with Candidate

Remote Proctor can initiate Live Chat

Data Analysis

Analyze Admission Data for Student Profiles, Region and other Statistics

Facility to Pause/ Resume Exam

Proctor can pause or Resume Exam Remotely

Eliminate Physical Exam Invigilation

Auto Proctoring helps to eliminate physical exam invigilation process

Detailed Audit Log of exam

Analysis of detailed event log of remote candidate appearing for the exam to detect malpractice or cheating

Audio Proctoring

Record audio around candidate during exam

Secure Browser

Secure Browser to Prevent Cheating during Exams

Auto Proctoring with AI

AI-driven auto proctoring for large scale exams

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition to ensure same person attempting online exam

Exam Cheating Detection

Detect cheating using facial recognition, audio, system alerts

What is Online Exam Remote Proctoring

Remote proctoring is the process to authenticate, authorize, and control the online examination process in a scalable manner. In the traditional exam process, an invigilator needs to be present at the exam center to validate candidates appearing for the exam.

Remote proctoring can simplify this process so that individual proctor can invigilate the exams by looking at the computer screens of multiple users appearing for the exam

How Automation for Exam Invigilation can Simplify Exam Process for Education

Remote Proctoring and auto image capturing technology can help you to simplify the exam invigilation process. Many training and certification institutes are using it successfully

Using Remote Proctoring you can conduct an exam of any scale. Candidate sitting at any location can be tracked using remote proctoring. Candidate needs not have to visit a specific location or exam center.

Conducting online exams across multiple locations can be challenging. Do you want to simplify the online examination process for candidates at multiple locations? Do you Want to prevent cheating during online exams? Our Remote Proctoring platform is here for you to get started.

Remote proctoring can authenticate and monitor remote candidates during exams. The system can help you prevent cheating during online exams. You can save a lot of costs by eliminating the need for multiple exam centers!

This video would explain why you should opt for the Proctored Exam System while conducting an online exam process. Explore the advantages and best practices of managing online exams with remote proctoring technology.

Do you want to conduct online exams for Remote Candidates? Remote proctoring is the technology that can help to simplify online exams to be conducted across multiple cities or locations with ease.

Explore the successful implementation of Remote Proctoring by one of the leading Management Education Institutions of India to conduct an online entrance exam for remote candidates.

Process of Remote Exam Proctoring.


Candidate Identity Verification

Identity of Candidate is verified by Remote Proctor


The candidate is Allowed to Appear for Online Exam

Upon identity, verification Candidate appears for online exam


Images and Video Capturing

Images and Videos of Candidate are captured using Web camera Attached


Auto Proctoring

Auto Proctoring keep track on key events of candidate movement, suspicious audio to monitor exam process


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