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Explore 5 key tips to prevent cheating during online exam implementation.

Are you considering implementation of online examination process for your education institute or university ?

Security is one of the key aspect need to be taken care. Your online exam implementation may fail due to cheating unless key security aspect is not taken into consideration.

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Are you looking to implement online examination process ?

Do you want to know how to make online exams secure. This video would help you to understand top 4 ways to secure your online exam process.

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If you are looking to conduct online exam in regional language apart from English then it is important to prepare 2 versions of the question bank. One would be in english language and another would be in regional language.

Technology can help to design online exam in such a way that examination can be conducted in multiple languages where user would have option to select preferred language.

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Explore key steps to automate and simplify entrance examination management using technology.

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Explore top challenges during online exam process implementation and effective ways to overcome them with the help of technology.

An online examination process might be hard to manage due to the involvement of some critical steps. Checkout how you can overcome those challenges with implementation of secure browser, proctored assessments.

Many of the institution courses are not suitable for conducting multiple-choice based exams. It requires theory exams based evaluation. Conducting online exams for theory-based assessment seems difficult for the institutes as they are not used to adopting new technology. Subjective or theory-based online exams must be suitable for all students including those who do not have good typing skills or computer handling skills.

Theory exams might include special symbols related to mathematics, chemistry. It can also include diagrams where the student is supposed to draw diagrams in the answer sheet.

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