15 Proven Assessment Methods to Help You Hire Smarter, Not Harder [Podcast]

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Looking to hire the perfect candidate for your company? Look no further! In this exciting and informative podcast, we present to you 15 tried-and-tested assessment methods that can help you make the right choice for your team.

Hiring the right person is critical to the success of any company, but with so many candidates to choose from, it can be a daunting task. This podcast breaks down 15 assessment methods that will give you the tools you need to identify the right candidate for your team.

You’ll learn about a range of methods that will help you evaluate a candidate’s suitability for the job.

Whether you’re a seasoned HR professional or new to the hiring game, this podcast is an essential listen for anyone who wants to ensure they’re hiring the best candidate for their team. Tune in now and discover the 15 assessment methods that will help you take your 

Hiring process to the next level!

Episode Transcript

Well, hiring is a crucial aspect for any organization, Right Hiring can take your organization to the next level, but wrong hiring can cost you. So there are quite a few pre-hiring assessment techniques which are already available.

So if you consider over all hiring scenario, technology can play very critical or streamlining the recruitment process by automating manual tasks. It will definitely make it easier and efficient so various pre-assessment hiring process used to be conducted in a manual environment. Now technology can play a very critical role in simplifying the hiring process as well as it will improve the hiring scenario.

It will help organization to improve hiring process. We are going to discuss about 15 ways in which you can assess candidates before hiring. That will certainly help you to improve accuracy. You can scale up your hiring process. So let us get started. So, let us see what are the various prehiring assessments available for evaluating the job candidates.

First, hiring technique, which is very popular is aptitude test or conducting online aptitude test so aptitude tests are very useful to analyze problem solving ability or even mathematical ability reasoning ability of the candidates.

So, if youare looking to hire fresher graduates and if you are conducting recruitment drive for hundreds, or even thousands of candidates, Aptitude tests are very useful to filter out suitable candidates, who have better problem solving ability or better reasoning as well as analytical ability. So result of the aptitude test, will certainly help you to filter out and take into consideration next set of candidates for the hiring process.

Personality test is also another way using which you can analyze personality of the candidate before taking decision related to hiring. So personality test as can provide insights into individual strengths weaknesses, as well as overall personality of the profile based on various dimensions of the personality.

So you can use personality test to analyze ability of the candidate to work in a particular job profile or particular job role. Domain specific test is also another even using which you can analyze candidates knowledge related to specific field. So imagine if you are conducting hiring process for the candidates and you need a domain knowledge related to say, Finance or Telecom or insurance domain, or even, communication skill domain, customer handling, customer focus domain.

So you can design custom domain specific test for the candidates and you can analyze candidates knowledge associated with the domain test particular domain, using domain specific test, it will certainly help you to understand whether candidate has basic knowledge associated with a particular domain, which is essential for the job success.

Leadership test is also another way using which you can analyze candidates ability to lead the organization, if you are conducting hiring process for the leadership roles or managerial roles, then it is very essential for you to analyze candidates ability of the leadership candidates ability to lead the team motivated team or overall problem-solving ability overall emotional quotient how that person is going to interact with other team members.

So, all those things can be simplified with the help of leadership test, because it will provide you a lot of insights about the candidates, compared to face-to-face interviews and you can easily scale up your hiring process with the help of such online leadership test, there is another area related to entrepreneurship.

There are organizations who are looking to set up leadership section or position, which is specific to research and development or specific to designing the new product or launching the new product or service organizations are looking to hire candidates having the ability to take initiatives. You can certainly check candidates. Enterpreneurship ability risk taking ability, motivational related ability, using, entrepreneurship ability test.

Such tests are useful to understand candidates entrepreneurship skill which will certainly help you in scaling up your organization. Imagine if you are hiring software developers and you want to check coding ability or coding skills of the candidate.

So traditional interview process may not be sufficient to understand coding ability. So, online coding test or online. Programming tests are very useful. If you want to do the analysis of the candidates, in terms of writing logical code in languages, like C, C++, Java, or SQL. So system provides online interface where candidate need to type the code for the problem statement and system will compile the code and it will check the output of the code with predefined test cases.

So if those test cases are passed then only that code written by the candidate can be considered as correct. So, you can scale up hiring process associated with software developers. Using online coding test.

Another area associated with hiring process is understanding communication, ability or understanding voice of the candidates. So, Voice based interview process is also another technique in which you can scale up your hiring process, where you can analyze individuals, communication skills language proficiency, as well as overall fitment with particular role or opportunity.

So it can be used in avariety of contexts including job interview or language proficiency assessment where all the answers provided by the candidates are recorded in the system in the form of audio and You can listen to that audio any point of time.

To assess, candidates ability to communicate various things in an effective manner. Well, if you are looking for analyzing the candidates personality, candidates body language.

Then video interview is also one of the technique which is very effective way to understand applicants body language confidence. Level. So it allows you to conduct remote virtual interviews in and secure environment, where candidates are shown particular question on the screen and candidate is supposed to record the answers for the particular question, and all those things gets saved in the system it will be very useful for you to analyze the candidates body language using such Innovative online video based, interview techniques.

So it will help you to conduct hundreds of concurrent interview simultaneously without any need of interviewer to be present on the other side. So it will also help you to improve hiring accuracy as well as it will save a lot of time of the interviewer. Another key, interesting test, which you can conduct prior to hiring process is writing skills test.

So, writing skill is essential, it is very important part of our day-to-day life, including email writing, paragraph writing and content writing or writing things related to presentation. So writing skill is very important for multiple domains or multiple hiring job positions for the organization.

So you can conduct online writing skill test where candidate can write the answer and it can be evaluated by The Examiner, as well as it can be Auto evaluated by AI driven algorithms to check candidates ability to write grammar without any error. So you can easily scale up or improve accuracy associated with hiring process with the help of writing skill assessments.

Next, interesting test you can conduct is related to listening skill ability. So, listening skill is very essential in the collaborative environment or even in case of customer meetings overall handling the team or communication within the team. Listening skills test can certainly be used to determine suitability for the rules. Requiring strong listening skills you can evaluate existing employees or assess performance of the applicant in the language course as well. So listening scalability can be evaluated using online listening skills test.

So one more area where you can conduct online hiring assessment, test is SQL skill assessment technique. So, imagine a scenario of your hiring, SQL Developer or SQL. Database administrator. So you need to analyze various skills of the candidate to write a logical.

SQL queries inner join, outer join or definition associated with table or extracting data from the database based on various conditions. So face-to-face, interview or even online interview may not be sufficient to test Advanced knowledge of the SQL for the candidate. You can use online SQL skill assessment test to check the candidates ability to write a logical SQL code, which will certainly help you to simplify and improve hiring process associated with database administrator, as well as SQL Developer.

If you are hiring for project management role, then there are various things related to project management like planning, execution, project Banning, customer communication, team communication.

Those are very critical aspect for any person. So if you are hiring for our project manager role, then you need to consider project management assessment test. In order to simplify and improve your hiring process. So, result of assessment can help you to analyze candidate or applicants ability to manage project successfully.

It will save a lot of time associated with interview process and you will be able to scale up your hiring process related to project management assessment. Well organizations are creating huge amount of data organizations required to analyze data for their own purposes, as well as for their own customer. So data analysis is becoming very important. Data is considered as oil in the today’s world.

a person who is able to do the proper data analysis. is able to provide a lot of useful, insights about the organization and organizations will also get benefited. So if you are hiring data analysis related person or data scientist, then data analysis skill assessment tests can be very useful for you to understand candidates ability to comprehend data, candidates ability to work on larger data.

So you can design custom data analysis skills test as per your recruitment requirement. And the result of that skill test can be used to understand candidates ability to come up with a logical analytics associated with the data it will certainly save a lot of time associated with interviewing candidates and you can improve accuracy associated with your hiring related to data analysis skills test.

Well, it is quite clear that Communication in English language is important for any organization, especially if you consider multinational organization, which is working with multiple client, multiple customer base. English language becomes very crucial even in case of writing emails it is very important thing to write a logical or correct grammar. Oriented English.

So, if you want to assess candidates ability related to English language, then you can conduct online English language test as well. So in this context, online English language test can test candidates ability to understand the language as well as comprehend information. Provided you can conduct audio based test, video based test or listening based test related to English language which will certainly help you to analyze candidates ability to speak as well as the right logical English. It will certainly help you to recruit candidates having above average or better English language skills. Well mathematics is considered as an important aspect for various job roles like accounting, Finance related roles.

So, if you are looking forward to hire job specific role related to mathematics then you can consider mathematics aptitude test. It will test candidates Number crunching, comprehending information related to numbers and it can be used to evaluate mathematical skills of the individual.

So if you are looking forward to hire candidates having good mathematical skills then mathematical aptitude test is a must for you. So to conclude, there are various ways using which you can evaluate candidates effectively, if you are looking forward for automation of those tests if you want to simplify your hiring process, If you want to improve your hiring process with the help of Technology, then you can visit our popular platform www.Eklavvya.com, for more details.

We have been working with multiple organizations multinational companies in order to simplify their hiring process. And we have been quite successful, In implementing, simplified online hiring test for various job roles as per the organization.


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