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Explore 6 ways to secure your online exam using technology like proctoring, secure browser, audit logging process. Remote proctoring is considered as one of the most essential techniques to secure online exams.


With Video proctored Online Exams, the overall exam activity undergoes end-to-end video surveillance; which ultimately leaves the candidate appearing for the exam with zero chances to cheat.

Episode Transcript

Do you feel frustrated Because of lack of security and malpractices during online examination process. Do you want to simplify online exams with the help of technology to make it better? Technology like proctoring or various additional security features are helping various organizations to conduct online exams in a secure manner.

So today I am going to share with you six techniques that will help you to secure your online examination process. So stay tuned. Simple technique to simplify or secure online exam processes is r. system takes control of the web camera attached to the system.

So whenever candidate is attempting online examples using his or her laptop or any device, using web camera system continuously do the video streaming activity of the candidate and that Video is recorded and stored in the Cloud Server.

So in addition to calculating online example as an examiner, you can also see the live footage associated with the remote candidate who’s attempting the online exam during audit purposes, you can see and save that recording at later point of time.

There are additional security mechanism like face detection or any other person has been detected during the examination process. So, those are some of the key things which can help to detect cheating associated with online examination activity.

There are various features available in remote property that will help you to simplify and secure your online examination, process.

Another key Security aspect associated with online exam Process is capturing the image of the remote candidate who is attempting the online exam, so let us consider a scenario while starting online examination process system, ask the remote candidate to show his or her identity card.

Apart from that system also captures the photograph of the candidate who is attempting the online exam and after certain time intervals in 30 seconds, 50 seconds or 45 seconds system will Continuously capture a photograph of the same candidate and at the end of exam you can see around 60 to 90 images of the candidate who is protecting that online exam.

So using those images, you can easily verify f the same candidate is attempting the online exam, and it will definitely help you to prevent cheating associated with online exam process. And that will also help you to secure your online examination process. So imagine each proctoring is a lightweight proctoring mechanism where there’s no need of continuous or high-speed internet connection.

And this feature works for the light internet connection speed as well.

Another key important aspect while conducting online exam is audio proctoring. So in case of audio proctoring, there is a technology available which will help you to capture the audio streaming activity associated with the candidate. So imagine if a particular candidate is attending online exam from remote location and you want to ensure that candidate is not speaking with someone or there is no other sound being played in the background.

So in this case take audio associated with the candidate. So when candidate is attained the online exam at that point insist, we will capture the audio related to that. and that after analysis of that audio, it will help you to analyze whether exam has been conducted in an authenticated manner or not or if any kind of cheating is happening.

Where candidate is speaking to someone else or if any other person is helping the candidate in order to attempt the online exam that can also be detected with the help of audio program. Another key aspect that will help you to secure online exam is secure browser.

So in case of secure browser system will help you to prevent users from opening Any other window like google.com. So if can create want to take help from the internet then candidate will try to open any other window. At any point of time system we lock and can also have authority where you can suspend that online exam,

If user is taking help from the internet section. if you want to prevent candidate from opening any other window in order to access help from the internet, then you can easily prevent that using secure browser becomes

Another key aspect associated with online exam is audit log. So, in case of audit logging like technology, it will drag the entire user activity associated with it, it will help track IP address of the user. It will also help you track the location from where candidate is attempting the online exam or number of questions, attempted by the candidate. Number of questions. time taken, for particular question, or time taken at a particular section of the online exam.

So, all those things are recorded in the form of audit log in the system and that will also help you to understand if online exam is conducted in a secure manner or not. So if there is any kind of mismatch in Actual calculation of the score, with respect to audit records, you can easily trace, the security aspect associated with the online exam

So to summarize Eklavvya platform provides various security mechanisms, like remote proctoring audio proctoring video properly or even audit logging or facial recognition. Those things are helping various education institutions organizations to conduct online exam in secure manner, we have been conducting online exams for various clients across the world.

Millions of users have been benefited with the help of secure online exam technology provided by Eklavvya. So if you are interested in arranging the demonstration of our award-winning platform then you can reach out to us for the developments.


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