7 Reasons to Revisit Assessment Strategy of Education in 2023 [Podcast]

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Are you looking for reasons to revisit the assessment strategy of education in 2023? Here are 7 reasons why you should do so! We will tell you about the latest trends in assessment, the benefits of revisiting your strategy, and how you can make the most of the changes.

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Thank you for joining today’s podcast. Today, we are going to have a very interesting discussion about key trends associated with your assessment strategy of Education insti in the year 2023. So here 2022 has been see the drastic changes in the education sector. This year has witnessed drastic shift in the academics methods of teaching and learning. Well, it all started with year 2020. Were offline Education was dominant.

But social distancing Norms related to Covid has forced education institution go online and accelerate adoption of online education technology in the year 2021. Then, in the year, 2022 came the era of hybrid education, where novel and widely adopted approach of major transition in education system, where some of the courses are conducted in online mode as well as offline.

 And now, Now in the year you 2023 we are going to see acceleration of this hybrid Education Act as well as there will be more weightage for personalized learning approach. So let us try and understand how it is going to change assessment strategy for education.

 No. 1 Trend associated with assessment strategy, would be conducting practical orientation assessment. So, knowledge is freely available and application oriented learning is key for assessment in the upcoming year. So internet has opened the door for the various aspects related technology and people year 2023 academic. So, if you consider knowledge, knowledge is freely available, you can go to internet, you can go to Google, you can search about any topic, you can understand any topic, but when it comes to applying that knowledge in the Practical world, that plays the key role between, and it differentiates the best, with respect to Media for student.

So, if you want students to acquire the knowledge assosiated with practical aspect, then you need to ensure that your assessment strategy includes practical knowledge oriented assessments.

Second key read associated with 2023 is personalized Learning it is going to play a very dominant role in the education sector. So one size doesn’t fit all. So education sector is also not an exception to it. You need to ensure that while defining the question paper. Question paper can be defined based on various difficulty level subject topic hierarchy based on the schema. And you need to take into consideration student preferences or students capability sort of knowledge that is being acquired by the student can easily access with the help of personalized assessment.

 So, online, assessment tools can be very useful if you would like to conduct personalized assessment because online assessment tools provides personalized feedback for the students based on their performance of the test. It can also provide feedback associated with the entire batch how it has performed can be easily analyzed with the help of various data analytics points provided by the assessment solution.

 Third key important aspect is large number of working professionals are opting for online business. So when they are going to offer online courses, they will demand flexibility. Flexibility in terms of assessment process and your assessment Process has to be focused on practical Knowledge or practicality of the subject. So you need to ensure that you have a technology related assessment process where you can opt for remote Proctored online assessments

Which are secure to evaluate any candidate as per their preferred date and time. online Assessment Technologies can also provide you the facility to Define question paper with the help of randomly generated question paper based on specific subject, Topic related questions from the pool of available so that every working professional will get different set of question papers. So, you need to have a strategy of flexible assessment.

It will include unique position paper for each candidate and same difficulty level associated with the question paper and it can be integrated with AIpowered remote proctoring mechanic. Next key aspect is related to skillfully oriented assessment. So, whenever working professionals or any person is going to do the verses, you need to ensure that their practical aspect is very clear than concept associated with application of the knowledge is very clear.

 So, skill oriented assessment is the need of an hour in the year 2023. It will be prime important to assess skill through the assessment process. So there are various kind of skills like communication skill, technical, problem solving or debugging skill, Coding skills, programming skills, technical writing skills.

 All those things can be easily accessed with the help of online assessment Technologies or online assessment platform, which provides a lot of flexibility to assess individual as well, as group.

Next important aspect is there are various educational bodies, which are encouraging student to appear for multiple courses. So, take an example that UGC has declared that students are allowed to Pursuit 2 full-time degree courses at a time.

So in this context student can’t simultaneously appear 2 degree courses, they can acquire degrees simultaneously. So in this context student will demand to have learning process at their own pace where there should be availability of 24×7 assessment mechanism and each student is going to have you unique question paper or it will be like personalized assessment process.

So, using online assessment technology related to personalize learning you can easily Empower your students where they can appear for 2 full-time courses simultaneously. Apart from that. Another key trend is related to significant use of open book test. So, look knowledge is freely available you can easily acquire Knowledge from any video and read the book. You can listen to the podcast, but while applying the knowledge you need to have some kind of practical exposure.

So assessment process must focus on practicality of the subject rather than focusing on definition or Theory assessment. So, open book test is one such mechanism which is likely to have morand more importance. There are quite a few education institution as well as universities especially in case of higher education. They are adopting open book test where it there is encouraging students to learn and acquire the knowledge and provide responses in the assessment mechanics.

Such an open book test will encourage students to acquire knowledge from multiple sources and practically apply that knowledge.


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